Saturday, April 28, 2007

Some Flower, Country, Baseball Pictures to View

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Country Settings & Baseball

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Wedding Reception Video

JMob got bored over Spring Break and came up with this...

Easter 2007

Easter 2007 will be remembered as the “the cold one” and “the day we thought Ashley was in labor.” It all began at about eight in the morning in Milano, Texas. Kari and I were awoken by Kari’s little sister, Shelbi. The Easter Bunny had come and …

The Night Before
Prior to the Easter Bunny on Sunday morning, Kari and I celebrated Easter with my mother side of the family in Bastrop. Everyone except for my mother was in attendance to the Lueders Easter Celebration, so we had a house full. We enjoyed each others company and had a wonderful meal. We left Bastrop about 8:45 p.m. and drove through sleet most of the way to Milano. We were getting phone calls and text messages that in many areas of Texas snow was falling, in some places six inches. Kari and I both were wearing jackets and were riding with the heater on. That is why we will remember our first Easter together as “the cold one.”

Continued: Easter Day
The Easter Bunny had come and…brought many goodies to everyone. We went to church and had lunch with Kari’s grandparents, aunt and uncle, and a few cousins. About 4ish, when Kari and I were about to get on the road to Cedar Creek, Ashley called the ER because she thought her water had broke. I am not a medical doctor, nor am I familiar with pregnancy, so I just figure this was the real deal. We decided that we would go with Ashley and James to the hospital in case our new nephew was born. Ashley and James were swept into a maternity room, and the rest of us were sent to the waiting room. It was a stressful hour, but that the soon to be grandmother (my mother-in-law) could not tolerate. She proactively set out for answers leaving Kari, Shebli, and I to wait. Than, my mother-in-law came and got Shelbi and I waited. Finally, we were all invited back to the room to learn it was not time for the baby to be born. That is the second reason it will be known as “the day we thought Ashley was in labor.” (See below for a link to pictures)

Sidenote: Kari was helping me get my fall schedule lined up and she did some math and decided I could graduate in December. After checking with an Advisor, going to summer school and completing Fall 2007, it is possible for me to graduate in December. Save your applause, till I let you know I pass! I hope that each of you had a wonderful and blessed Easter Day. God Bless.

Easter Pics!

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Easter 2007

Monday, April 09, 2007

Shane Claiborne's Irresistible Revolution

Last Thursday, I had the opportunity to hear Shane Claiborne speak about the way God is currently using him in Philadelphia. Shane lives on the north side of Philly in a community known as The Simple Way Community. Basically, Shane live in a community with many people considered poor and homeless. Many of the community members grow food, make clothes and one of the communities is making Veggie Fuel (an alternative fuel). This was an eye opening lecture series hosted by Texas State because throughout Shane’s lecture all his reasoning came directly from scripture. He proposed alternative economics and social structure based on what the New Testament says. Many of the thoughts and ideas are hard for many Americans who strive for the “American Dream.” Often times we forget about the poor, enslaved and homeless.

Where do your clothes come from?

One story that stands out in my mind is of a little boy who worked in a sweat shop (yes, they still exist). The boy had a scar across his face, from forehead to chin. Shane described the boy to be about 12 or 14 years old. The boy said that his master had beaten him and wanted him to continue his work in the textile factory, but did not what the boy to bleed on the fabrics. Instead of giving him the day off, a towel, or even a band-aid, the master took a lighter and burned the gash on his face back together. I wasn’t even there, but I will never forget this story.

Some notable quotes:

"We worship a homeless man on Sunday and ignore one on Monday.” referring to Jesus

"It's very fashionable for us as Christians to talk about the poor, but not too the poor. If we really care about poor people, we know the names of poor people."

Claiborne talks about his many experiences in his book entitled, “Irresistible Revolution." He made many challenging statements and some challenges can only be met with complete lifestyle change. I have already been effected by his words by simply evaluating what I need to buy and what I want to buy. Have a blessed day.