Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wherever He leads We‘ll Go

If you would have told me 14 years ago that I would go back to Bastrop County and preach God's Word, I might have looked at you and called you crazy; but that's what I did on February 16th at Cedar Valley Baptist Church.

Last Sunday I went in view of a call to Cedar Valley Baptist Church to serve as full time youth minister. My family and I had visited the church sometime in November and after much prayer and discussion it was clear the Holy Spirit wanted us to accept the invitation to come speak and be recommended for the position. It was very clear that whatever personal feelings or plans I had made were overridden by the Lord (He always messes up our plans).

I referred to the church location as Bastrop County because it is in the middle of Bastrop, Elgin, Cedar Creek area, Del Valle and Manor. Various church members drive from these 5 areas surrounding the church.

Kari and I are very excited about what God has in store and how He will be using us in this new location and position. We have already felt the Lord's peace and favor among on His people there.

Please keep us in your prayers as we begin this transition. We will not be immediately moving to Bastrop County, but will begin our ministry only on Sunday (and several Saturdays), in order for Kari to complete the school year. Please include praying for Kari: that she would have an opportunity to teach near our new residence.

We leave Bremond on good terms; we've learned so much and are thankful for Bro. Stan and his wife, Debbie. Also, the many friends, church members and community members who support and love our family. We are grateful for so many.

Blessings to each.