Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Wednesday Rush

As it seems, I am rushed, but than I consider a self-question, but couldn't you have read that stuff earlier and wrote the paper these weekend and remember I am lazy, and thereby not truly rushed. I have just completed my weekly "Reflection Paper" for Early American History. I don't mind writing them because; I have to write a book review (four pages) and can use the "Reflection Papers" as review. It is official, the Jackalopes defeated the Warthogs! I have been listening to the new David Crowder album A Collision, I highly recommend it. They cover Hank Williams' I Saw The Light, it is an nice version of the tune. It seems a little bit random this evening, but I just wanted to throw some stuff out there.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Monday Morning

What a wonderful weekend. Sunday was a day filled with many blessings. Church was great, the Pastor took us more into Isaiah 6 and just gave us a glimpse of what Isaiah saw in the temple that day. Holy Holy Holy, is the Lord. WOW! That is awesome to ponder. I had an opportunity to go to lunch with the pastor and his wife. We had a splendid time. If I learned anything about who two people in love with one another, I learned it from my pastor and his wife. Good 'ole Sunday nap, and Sunday evening church and morning brought a beautiful Monday morning. According to the calendar fall is here, but you would not be able to tell it by the extreme heat. I am going to go start working out today with Patterson called it "Operation Ripped and Chiseled" will begin today. Talk later. Bye bye.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Post Rita

It seems Rita had a different course and all those people in my area were panicked about nothing. It was crazy to see all the traffic in San Marcos, which I can understand, people pouring in from the coast. It is a little more hard to understand why are area grocery stores sold out of milk, bread, and water. Gas will be tight for the next couple days, but that is understandable too. Interesting, I understand that people want to go home, but my neighbor just came over and said that his parents left about 1:00 pm on Saturday and made it to Luling (about 15 miles south of Lockhart) in an hour. WOW! Personally, I would wait and go back on Monday, but that is just me and I am not displaced. I am a little sad we did not see any rain or winds, but I did talk to Kari and she said that in College Station got some winds. I pray that all those effected make it home safely and those that were unable to leave are safe. Tune in next time.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Think Oil Will Go Up?

I have posted a picture of map from some oil rig intelligence site...well, the little round circles are all stationary oil rigs. One red line was the Katrina path, and the second red line is the projected path of Rita. WOW! Gas will be going up. I would encourage any and everyone reading this, if you aren't already, to be in prayer for the people about to be effected by Rita. God Bless.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Afternoon Happenings

No complaints today, my golf professors son was sick today and unable to make it to class. I was thankful class was not held, it allowed me a little bit more time to get my history paper done. I had a excellent glass of Earl Grey tea this morning and on a sidenote, highly recommend Mochas and Javas. It is a great atmosphere, good music and free internet. Well, I was planning to take some kids up to the Balloon Glow Fest in Waco, but Rita has since thrown a curveball at many of Texans plans this weekend. I am glad to see that many events in Central Texas are making adjustments due to the coming bad weather. I have not mentioned it yet, but my Jackalopes lost Week 2. The MuffinMen took me to the cleaners, I will be facing my roommate Warren's Warthogs this weekend. I think I can take him, but I will keep the smacktalk low, I don't want to put my foot in my mouth! Hope all is well, see you soon.

Mystery Driver

I was driving to class this morning and I pulled up to a traffic light. As most drivers, I gave the car next to me a quick glance. Upon noticing that the driver was not looking at the light, I supposed he or she was leaning over to get something from the floor. As I pondered what it might be, a map, CD, or even a hair brush, the person did not arise quickly. I continued to wait until the driver returned to driving position, but he or she never did. The light turn green and I looked up to my surprise the car was being towed by a Motor-home. Have a great day.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Tuesday Evening

It was a great day! I don't recall a bad day recently, but maybe I just have a positive outlook on life. I know that the joy I have in Christ is part of this wonder and amazement that I believe everyday is wonderful, a gift from God. I went to the eye doctor today. If there is anything that messes your eyes up, that is getting them tested! I also learned today that I have a cataract on my left eye. There is no reason to be worried yet, it is in a place that is below my lens, but it is something you could put in your prayers. I talked to my mother later and she said, "Yeah, it runs in the family." Great! I am going to finish reading The Radicalism of the American Revolution by Gordon S. Wood tonight. It is a good read, but has a few holes. It is highly interesting to learn about this time period of American history. People on a land separated by an ocean, authority attempting to reach across that ocean and leaders who rose to the occasion and people brought together for the cause of freedom. Good stuff. That is all I have for now.

Monday, September 19, 2005

John Piper Quote

"God’s deepest answer to terrorism and calamity is the suffering and death of his Son. He entered into our fallen world of sin and misery and death. He bore in himself the cause of it all—sin. And he bought by his death the cure for it all—forgiveness and everlasting joy in the age to come."

From his sermon deliver on September 11, can read it here...
Howdy: Sorry so Long

Well it has been a while since I have posted. No good excuses really....Just been trying get some reading done! I had a great weekend with Kari. We went and saw JMob play football Friday night. They did loss, but JMob had a catch. Then, we headed to Bastrop to hang out with my mom on Saturday. She flew in from California and we celebrated my birthday. It was great to see my family. Good eats for sure! Sunday was a great day too. Brother Gary spoke from Isaiah 6 and we had great discussion in Sunday School. JMob and I went to see Chris Tomlin live at Austin Music Hall. This maybe one of the best concerts I have ever been to. Many special guests were there including Louie Giglio and David Crowder. Today, wow, it was such a blessed day. God is so awesome. I say that because life only is a gift from God and I consider that and am in awe of that. Softball season starts this week, the Kingsmen are ready to take the field. Fantasy Football update: I pulled out a win against the Wee Willies, but it looks like in week two against the Muffin Men I will lose. That is all I have now.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Brand New Week

September is quickly slipping. No one told me that with age the world spins faster. It was a grand weekend. I was officially trained in some risk management stuff, but it is all subject to a background check (I think I will pass). The Dallas Cowboy have began the season on a great note. I am to young to be familiar with the Jerry Jones/Tom Landry fallout, but I have heard die-hard fans disown the Cowboys for this reason, I still faithfully cheer the Cowboys on. Redskins next week. Yeah...about the picture, I was looking at some of the Mission Trip: Mississippi picture and forgot all about this picture. I wanted to share it with all those who check out my site. Enjoy laughing at me! Fantasy Football has begun, and I opened the season by playing a new member of the league, Cody's Wee Willies. What a shame it will be to lose to the team with that name, but currently the score is Cody 53 and Jeremy 37, but I do have two positions yet to be scored (run Brian Westbrook, but don't score too many touchdowns cause I have Alanta Defense!). Well that is all I have for now. Talk at you later.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Birthday Notes

Well after reading my previous blogs and considering I don't really tell people that today is my birthday, I sure have talked a lot about it on my blog. Goodness, what am I thinking, I am silly. Really, I am the type of person who does not really tell people about my birthday and here I go blabbing about it on the internet! I must recap though, it was a great day and I am thankful to all those people who did wish me a Happy Birthday. I got an A on my first "Reflection Paper" in Early American History. I am a little excited about that, but did realize that when the professor was telling the class what not to do, he picked my paper. Now, I do want to somewhat blame this blog site for part of my error on the paper, because when I write my blog I write like a talk. I feel this adds to my blog when I write in this style, and well, I just want to cause it is my blog. So, I had a few sentences that sounded like I was talking in my paper and I got slammed for it! I still got an A though! More birthday news: Kari celebrated my birthday on Sunday with me, due to school and all she was unable to make it today (which is totally understandable) and she gave me some heart felt gifts; including a poem, coupons, and some cute pictures of her and I in a fancy frame. Well at least she looked cute in them. I got home tonight, and Warren and Nicole had a birthday brownie, that was really cool (it even had sparkling candles)! I had a wonderful time tonight talking to the youth at church. I have done it before, but not the capacity that I did tonight. I prepared the material, researched and prayed about it. It was awesome. Ok, but there was one thing that I did not know about...I talked about Elijah being fed by the ravens, and you know, someone would ask, "What are ravens like?" Now, if they would have asked about a hawk I could have talked for at least five minutes, but no, they wanted to know about a bird I have no clue about. Not that it is too relevant to the story, I do like being able to convey that information. It was a blessing to be able to share that word from I Kings 17 tonight, and I look forward to more opportunities to working with the youth. I am out.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Tuesday: Sept. 6th

What a title, I am not too original today, huh?!? Well I should be reading The Radicalism of the American Revolution right now, but find myself stalling, go figure. I have not resorted to cleaning yet, but come to think of it, I cleaned last Friday cause Kari came into town (you know, I have to make her think I am clean). Nah, I am kidding. Well I learned today that my English professor, that I have previously bashed, is going to be receiving bashing all semester. I walk in expecting a lecture on The Odyssey, because that is what the schedule says, but instead she opens it up to class discussion*. Now I am just going to be honest, I did not pay for that class to hear those student's opinions about a fictional book, I paid to her, the Doctor, to tell me her opinions and or other facts she may know. Did I mention that this is the second class that she has forgot her copy of the book, for crying outloud, I would let her borrow mine. Ok, enough of that. I better go do some reading. See you on the flip side (yes tomorrow is my birthday).

*I want to note that my English class is a class of 250 student, hard to do a discussion with that number.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Post Labor Day Weekend

It is quickly coming to an end and school we will be back on schedule until Thanksgiving. I am currently reading The Odyssey, highly interesting. At one point there is a description of the sacrificing of a heifer which I found interesting, that is all the details I will give at this time, just in case younger readers are reading. It was a great weekend. Kari came to visit and we went to watch JMob play his first football game. The Lions prevailed and are now 1-0. Just to add, my old high school, Bastrop, dropped there season opener in double overtime. Sad days! Sunday school was awesome, well except for my teaching partner was not there on the count of having a baby 5 weeks early, but we did have a good lesson and eleven junior high students. By the way, Allison's new baby girl, Taylor, is doing fine. The Fantasy Football 2005 Draft is complete, I would like to announce the 2005-2006 Jackalopes:

Drew Brees QB SD
Kerry Collins QB Oak
LaMont Jordan RB Oak
Brian Westbrook RB Phi
Carnell Williams RB TB
Moe Williams RB Min
Plaxico Burress WR NYG
Keyshawn Johnson WR Dal
Eddie Kennison WR KC
Keenan McCardell WR SD
Stephen Alexander TE Den
Daniel Graham TE NE
Atlanta O/D Atl
New Orleans O/D NO
Indianapolis O/O Ind
New York (A) O/O NYJ
Pittsburgh S/T Pit
Tampa Bay S/T TB

Go Jackalopes! FYI: Freddie Jones retired (I drafted him and later found out he retired). Well tune in next time.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Friday: Labor Day Weekend

About 24 years ago on Labor Day 1981, a wonderful blessing entered into San Marcos, TX, me. It is my birthday weekend, as I like to call it, but I will not be able to fully celebrate until Wednesday. I also extremely dislike it when people ask, "So how does it feel to be (insert year here)?" I have since come to grips with it, and now just have some rehearsed response. Now, in light of all this birthday news, I can't help, but lament the tragedy in LA and MS. My heart is hurting for all the people displaced, lost, hungry, thirsty, and those who are mourning. I pray that the American people will continue to outpour compassion and support for these people. Changing gears, I am excited to have met James and Cassie's new baby girl Annelise. I just got off the phone with Cassie moments ago and she said they were probably going to China in late October or November. That is exciting! In other news: Lockhart is playing there opening football game tonight, this will be my first High School football game that I did not go and see Bastrop. I will emotionally make adjustments, but I should be ok. I went to start my Mustang today and she did not want to fire. Turns out, the battery was bad, and upon purchasing a new battery and installing it, she fired up nicely. By the way, being an auto mechanic with two amateurs, Warren and myself, is not that easy. More to come.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Afternoon in Review

It was a blessed day. Not to beautiful, but the Lord did allow me to get out of bed, so to me, it is a great day. School was good, my professor today, babbled about the importance of realizing that when it comes to translation we should realize that it is not exact. I didn't take notes. Ah...let me get to the good stuff...China's History 1600-Present is awesome. The textbook is easy reading, the history of the Ch'ing Dynasty is incredible. The Manchus, as the people of Manchuria were known, unified and basically took over China and created the 2nd largest Empire. I am just soaking this history up and am enjoying it greatly. Softball practice is on the agenda this evening, I am looking forward to chasing and hitting some balls. Check back soon.

Texas Gate: Canada

Well my roommates went to Canada for a mini-vacation. They got to see many sites, but one of the best stories is one that I could not hold back from sharing. We all know that Texas is the greatest country...I mean state in the United States. I just think this little story proves it. As you notice the yellow sign, it proclaims "Texas Gate". I saw this sign and had no clue what it was warning. Well this sign is scattered throughout the Canada countryside and is making the citizens aware of an upcoming cattle guard. Yes, you read that right, a cattle guard. I am not sure of the history of the cattle guard, but I guess that it was first used here in Texas and the Canadians are just giving us credit. Hope that information was delightfully interesting to you, as it was to me.