Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Not My Astros, but Our Astros

I don't remember my first Major League Baseball game, but it was the Houston Astros at Enron Field (remember Enron?). I will never forget Landon and Logan's first MLB game at Minute Maid Park. The Astros earned their way into the playoffs after a free-fall in September from first to second to the Texas Rangers. Early Sunday morning before Game 3, I found 3 tickets for Game 4 and it was decided we would be headed to see the Houston Astros host the Kansas City Royals.

Due to traffic, Landon vomiting and parking issues (apparently parking gets rough when it's a playoff game), we arrived a little late, but it didn't matter - the boys and I were at our first playoff game! We grabbed cotton candy, popcorn and a drink and we found our sits.

The stadium was electric: chants, people on their feets, towels waving - it was awesome. The boys reacted at various times during the game, cheering, jumping to their feet and throwing their arms in the air - it was awesome to watch them enjoy the game.

I'm so thankful for these two boys. They didn't stop smiling and even though I didn't see he opening pitch or every play - it didn't matter because it was really about spending time with Landon and Logan. The Astros lost, but I think next season we will be headed to Houston to watch our Astros fight toward the World Series...and maybe win!