Thursday, September 28, 2006

Little bit of everything

Yesterday was my granny's funeral. The services went well. I believe that Granny would have been honored by the words that were used to describe her life. Not only words, but an outpouring of love from family and friends from those who knew Granny and some that were there in support of close family members. I was able to say a few words that invoked many good memories for many who knew Granny. Granny and Grandad will be loved and missed, but never forgotten.

School continues on. Thursday at 10:45am is the official start time of my weekend. I have a busy weekend ahead. On Friday evening I am making a visit to College Station to see JMob. I am sure the time will spent hanging out, exchanging mp3's, and drinking some good coffee. Nic and I have a pending game of Junior High Capture the Flag tentatively scheduled for Saturday evening. Last Saturday evening we had planned to play, but the rain prevented us from ever beginning the game. In addition, I hope to finish editing a short film for church on Sunday morning that will show the congregation some highlights of the Junior High Retreat.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Thoughts on Granny

As I slow the many thoughts and emotions, I consider the many blessings that have already been astowed upon myself. I also considered the fact that I had never lost anyone close, or one I dearly loved, but on July 5th I could no longer have that thought. On November 25, 1939, in McMahan Harold Hellums was married to Sylvia Robinson (better known to me as Granny). She remained strong after the passing of her husband on July 5th, but many times she would express to me her longing to be with Harold again. At the beginning of September, she was diagnosed with lung cancer. After being released from the hospital, she was sent home to Cedar Creek where she spent less than a month heavily drugged (for the pain) and sleepy. As I mentioned in a previous blog, I saw her on Friday, September 15, 2006. We talked about myself some and how she was feeling. She was in good spirits and glad to see me. On Friday evening, September 22, my father called to inform me that she had passed. I was aware that she was doing worse, but unexpectedly received the news with tear-laden eyes. What I have learned is similar to what it says in James 4:14, "Why, you do not even know what will happen tomorrow. What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes." We do not know what will happen tomorrow, as I did not know that my grandmother would pass so quickly. Our life is important to God. You are seen in God's eyes, or his time frame as "a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes." God would have us make to most of what we are doing, how we are effecting those around us, and in the end, are we giving all that glory and honor to Him. I will echo James, what is your life? Granny will be loved and missed, but the many examples of kindness, love, being honest and caring will go on through my actions. Say a pray for my family and I. God Bless.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Family Update

On Sunday we had a get together to celebrate my birthday at my mother's parents house in Bastrop. We had a great dinner prepared by my grandmother and enjoyed conversation with my brother, Aaron, his wife, Katie, my mother, Maw-maw, Pa-pa, Kari, and Shelbi. We had one of my all time favorites Chicken and Rice. Matthew stayed home this weekend to write a paper. He told me he would make it up to me by getting me a SFA t-shirt for my belated birthday.

I received a phone call from my Pop today concerning my Granny. He told me that she is continuing to decline. My aunt Gail sent me an e mail and stated, "[she] needs the liquid morphine to keep her comfortable so she sleeps a great deal." I had a chance to see her last Friday and when I went in through the garage I found the two home care ladies in the kitchen. Granny was asleep, or so it seemed. I took a peek for myself and she seemed sleeping. I kindly asked the ladies, "Can you tell Gran...," before I could finish Granny popped her head up and said, "Who's there?" We got to talk for a while and than she got sleepy. I would ask that you continue to keep her in your prayers and also my immediate family concern this update.

To Blog or Not to Blog...(General thoughts)

Upon request from a dear friend, I find myself writing a blog instead of napping. I had, in fact, considered it earlier today, but had not found the time. In addition to the new background, JMob coached me through posting my blog on facebook. I get that "old" feeling when younger people have to walk me through certain technology issues. Glad to see all you on facebook, enjoy the read...

I had my first exam this semester today. I have never taken spent the entire class to complete an exam, so maybe this is a good sign that I actually knew what I was doing. Although, I did end up rushing my conclustion on my essay due to the lack of time. The First Lockhart Baptist Church (FLBC) Junior High students are attending a retreat this weekend that I will be apart of. We will be doing some bible study, night time Capture the Flag, and just hanging out. We started a Tuesday night bible study at Kari's apartment. Please keep us in your prayers, as we juggle the busy schedule of being students (well, some of the students are busy!).

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Twenty-five Years!

September 7th was my twenty-fifth birthday. Kari had a Superman theme party for me at her apartment. She had already given me two early gifts for my birthday, but still got me some gifts. She got me a maroon Texas State shirt, some sun glasses and my favorite body wash, Ax. That evening we went and played racketball (I was victorious). I received many phone calls, messages, and posts from many and I am thankful for all your birthday wishes. I appreciate everyone taking time to wish me a happy birthday. Friday, my father drove to San Marcos. He and I had Chinese buffet at A Taste of China. He gave me a Time magazine from the aftermath of September 11th and a book entitled 80 Days that Changed the World. Later that evening, Kari and I joined Nic and Jo at Game Three of Pacific Coast Playoffs in Round Rock. The Round Rock Express came into the game even with the Nashville Sound, both winning one game. The National Anthem was sang, and than the rain began to fall. Nic and I tried to stick it out, but we decided the gift shop was good shelter. We stayed inside to allow the rain let up and eventually it did and we watched the opening pitch. It rained throughout the game and eventually we decided to move to the Home Run Porch (covered seats, overlooking left field). When we arrived to some open seats, the ninth inning completed with a score of 5-5. The announcer stated, "The game will resume in thirty minutes due to the rain." We waited patiently and were treated to the fireworks show during the wait. The game resumed play, and we returned to our seats. ***WARNING*** Graphic baseball details to follow: In the Top of the 10th, one out and the bases loaded, it seemed that Round Rock was about to loose a second game. The pitcher brought his "A" game and struck out the next to batters closing out the top of the 10th. In the Bottom of the 10th, two Round Rock players stepped up to the plate and were hit by the pitcher. With two men on, the last batter got up and smashed a base hit to complete the game. Round Rock 6 Nashville 5. It was a wonderful time and quality baseball. Tune in next time...

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


I think the rainy day deserves a least a bit of an honorary recognition. I was so excited about the rain this morning, I went to catch the bus and waited in the rain for 20 minutes. After becoming soaked, I went to class and completed my Tuesday school day. My Labor Day weekend went well. Saturday, Kari and I attended her cousins wedding in Bastrop. It was a good time with her family and some of my old high school friends. Sunday was the fantasy football draft. The Jackalopes are ready to begin the season in an attempt to win the championship. Kari got a job with Kelly Baird. She will be working three times a week and taking care of their six children. We spent Labor Day with the Baird. Cody and I watched the Astros and Kari got to know the children. Later that evening we had dinner with Nic and Jo. To end the night, we pulled over and watched the re-scheduled 4th of July fireworks in Lockhart. Stay dry.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Tire Issues

Yesterday was successful and frustrating. After having lunch with the pastor, Nic and I caught a girls volleyball game in San Marcos. It was a good day, but ended on a bad note. In my effort to boycott the Parking Service Department at the university(ie. not buying a parking sticker because the price increase was 108%), Kari asked me to pick her up (cause I encouraged her not to buy one too!). I picked her up, but had noticed that my car was not driving correctly. I got out and found a screw in my tire. I added some air, but was frustrated. We had dinner plans with Stine, but the frustration and thought of changing the tire loomed. I dropped Kari off at Jason's Deli and went to Wal-Mart. I arrived five mintues after closing. I went back and changed that tire and waited till today to get a new tire. Tune in next time for the Exciting Adventures of...insert title here!