Friday, October 04, 2013

Writing Their Own Stories in Him

"Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good! Blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him!" Psalm 34:8

The past few weeks, God has placed it on my heart to encourage the students who attend student worship on Wednesday nights to write their own stories in Him. The bible is filled with amazing testimonies (or stories) of people whom He used. From prostitutes, kings, prophets - you name it and God has used people of all walks of life; even Junior High students.

God has been working in these students lives and placed it in their hearts to being petitioning Him in prayer daily at lunch.  Last night at the Junior High/JV Football games, an excited 7th grader came and shared with me about this prayer circle.

Today I received an email from one of the administrators with this photo. Students boldly gathering and praying to the Father in heaven.

God is alive and well.  He is continues to surprise me daily!  I am so blessed to be serving Him and watching Him change students lives.  Do they have it all figured out yet? Nope, but neither do I.  I know that He is going to use these students in so many ways.

Has God put something in your heart? Do you have a story to tell? Begin to live for Him and write you own story and give God all the glory.  That's what He wants.  He wants you and I to point others to His son, Jesus. 

What are you waiting for?