Friday, June 23, 2006

On the Road Again

I will be hitting the road again with the FLBC youth. We are leaving for Dallas tomorrow to attend the Youth Evangelism Conference where we will see KJ-52, Barlow Girl, Tree 63, and Big Daddy Weave. The drama will be provided by the Skit Guys and illusions by Lou Leventhal. The featured speaker is Voddie Baucham. According to his website, Baucham is "an author, Bible teacher, churchman and an apologist. His unique blend of sound biblical exposition and cutting-edge relevance make him one of the most unique and compelling voices in modern evangelical circles." It should be a blessed time for myself and the young people on the trip. On Monday, Pre-Teen Camp one begins at Highland Lakes Encampment. Tune in next time.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Last Full Day of Camp

It has been a fun week at camp for JMob and I. I was AD of Security this week and got to stay up late to make sure that the students stayed in their assigned dorms. Tonight is the last night, so that basically guarantees someone will attempt to escape. We will be there waiting to catch them. We worked with Billy Bob White and Brandon Barnard. I will be heading home some time on Friday afternoon.

On another note, I went down to the docks and helped Kari get her boat in and out on the water. She took one group out and told me one of the girls practiced Wicca. During worship, Kari got up and gave her testimony. After she did so, Billy Bob got up and asked if anyone wanted to come to know Christ based on what they had heard. A young man stood up and threw his hands up. It was an exciting time. In addition, Kari spotted the young lady who claimed to practice Wicca. She leaned over and asked me to prayer for the young lady throughout worship. We both lifted up prayers and during the invitation the young lady arose and went to the back to receive counseling. What an awesome God we serve. Just thought I would share these highlights.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

At Camp

Journey II is begins tomorrow afternoon. JMob and I drove out to Highland Lakes Encampment tonight so we would not have to get out of bed too early. It was a great Sunday. The new youth minister spoke at FLBC this morning and encouraged the church to look at the early church in Acts. They fellowshipped together, got to know one another, loved one another, and welcomed anyone who would join them. A church is a body of believers who love one another and their neighbors. It was a refreshing reminder. I got some sweets gifts from Kari this evening. She got to go to town and do a little shopping. While in Houston I got her a 2005 National League Champions Astros shirt. She gave me a card celebrating our one year date anniversary, some Skittles, and other items that I can't spell! Oh, if you are trying to reach me and you can get my voicemail try email:

Goodnight to all.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Back in San Marcos

JMob and I returned from Houston this evening. The Saturday game did not go as well as Friday nights game, but it was still fun to be at the ballpark. Clay and Megan meet us at Union Station and we all enjoyed the game. The Astros lost the game 4-2. I am putting together some VBS video footage for church tomorrow. That is about all I have. Good night.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Astros Trip

I wrapped up VBS with a pie in the face today. As a competition for the boys and girls this week I agreed to take a pie in the face if the girls raised more money than the boys. Our mission offering this past week would go to buy bibles in India and we encouraged the children to support this cause by either myself getting a pie in the face or the children's minister. The boys were short all week, but one giver thought to make it interesting and made the final difference a penny, but still wanted me to get the pie. I smiled and took one for the boys. Afterward, and still tonight, the smell of the nasty ready wipe is still on me (yes, I have showered). JMob and I planned by the seat of our pants and our in Houston tonight. We saw Game Two of the Braves vs. Astros tonight in which the Astros won 7-2. The game began with C. Jones getting on base with a single and than A. Jones hit a homerun, scoring the only two runs for the Braves. In the bottom of the 1st, Biggio and Lamb hit homeruns back to back. So, we are staying in Houston tonight and meeting Clay and Megan for the Saturday afternoon game. It is a blast being at the game. Kari is sick today. She went to the doctor this afternoon and got some medication. Please keep her in your prayers. That is all for tonight. Go Astros.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

VBS Day Two

As the co-recreation guy, it was planned to play a certain game, but my partner tried the game on his own children and it was decided the game would not work. Without hesitation, we pulled out the five gallon buckets and filled them up with ice and water and got wet again! I went out to lunch the new youth minister and his wife and than came home to put together another daily video for VBS. Tomorrow I am headed out to camp to help JMob do worship because Stan will be working at his church. It should be an eventful day, as was today.

Monday, June 05, 2006

VBS Day One: Complete

I believe today was a great first day of VBS. We played a relay game today where the students were divided into two teams and they had to retrieve marbles from two five gallon buckets of ice water. The cold water kept some of the students from getting any marbles, but most of the time they withstood the cold and found some marbles. I set my alarm clock last night for seven in the morning, but forgot to turn it on and thankfully awoke and 7:10am. In addition, as I tried to fall asleep, either I was anxious about the first day of VBS or the two grande cups of Starbucks I had earlier were keeping me wide awake. I am currently reading Dan Brown's Angels and Demons and Mark Steele's Flashbang. The first is a easy read in a fiction world and the second is Steele's realization that Christianity is just more that claiming to be a Christian. Tune in next time.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Camp plus more!

It has been too long. My little brother graduated, I moved to San Marcos and I have begun working out at Highland Lakes Encampment. JMob and I completed our first week of camp, Hyde Park’s Camp Travis. We had the pleasure of working with By The Tree (picture above) and Ed Newton. The camp went very smooth and the schedule was very easy on JMob and I. In fact, it was so easy, we usually had time in the day to get in two naps. One day we browsed the web for about four hours, played at the waterfront, and then went to town to get a few necessities (Target!). It was a blessed week, about sixty students came to know Jesus as Lord. Journey Camps will start today, but I will only be out there for some of the worship because this week is also Vacation Bible School (VBS) week at First Lockhart Baptist Church (FLBC). I was asked to be the host and the recreation guy this year and am looking forward to another fun summer week of VBS with the children in our community. Kari's father came home from Iraq, so she and I spent the weekend in Milano. We spent time with her family and enjoyed a good sermon at her home church. That is it for now...check back soon for more updates.