Tuesday, February 26, 2008

'Tis the Season for DNow's

Kari and I had the opportunity to serve at two different churches as group leaders in the month of February.

The second weekend in February we traveled to Crestview Baptist Church in "old" north Austin. A buddy of mine Keith, leads a crazy group of students. These kids mostly attend church on Wednesday nights. They are seeking God the best way they know how and call Xtreme Youth Connexion their home. We enjoyed a scavenger hunt Friday evening and some worship lead by Plaid Shorts. These guys took us before the throne of God in each service. Each session, the speaker Kyle, brought God's word down to the students level. In each session, he encouraged the students to fearlessly chase after God and seek to live righteously. On Saturday, we played Bigger and Better. This game begins with a paperclip and each groups goal is to get something bigger and better than that paperclip. At one point I thought I might have lost one of the boys, but he was found and emerged with a telescope.* We had an awesome time, but lost to the girls. God used this weekend to draw these students closer to him, and our prayer is that each of their encounters with God would so greatly impact their lives and that they would begin to see the Kingdom daily.

The third weekend was spent at our home church in Pflugerville. Normally, Kari and I hang out with the 7th grade boys, but this weekend was spent it with the Senior Boys and Girls. With custom senior shirt designed by Janett, we began the weekend rocking out to Billy Bob White and band. Billy Bob led us in a vibrant, spirit-filled time of worship each night. The speaker Toby bluntly called out the students to toss of their religion and strive after their relationship with Christ. Our group of seniors, who took time out of their busy schedules, desired to come closer to God in each session. Wonderful discussion was held about life, love and the future. These young people had a heart for one another and were very open to allow us to join and get to know them for the weekend. Saturday we played Bigger and Better again. Our group ended up with several items including: a couch, lawn chair set, and a note stated FBCPville Senior held ownership of two cars (although they do not run, we still got two cars). We were highly blessed by the time we spent with these young adults. Our prayer is these students will go on from High School to the University, Junior College or work force and boldly take their relationship with Christ where ever they go.

*This is an exaggeration. No students were harmed or lost during these events.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

New Orleans Trip

We went to New Orleans over the weekend. You will find an assortment of pictures in the below album. Enjoy! Blog to come at a later date.
New Orleans Trip