Thursday, March 29, 2007

An Evening with Dr. Hooper

Tuesday night, Kari and I usually host a bible study at our apartment (previously it was her apartment and now it is ours), but last Tuesday, Texas State was hosting Walter Hooper. Hooper, now Dr. Hooper, after being awarded an honorary doctorate from Concordia University the night before, is the world’s foremost C.S. Lewis scholar. He presented a lecture entitled “The Legacy of C. S. Lewis: Master Communicator.” Having read many of Lewis' books, fiction and apologetics, I decided it was necessary our bible study, or at least myself, attend the event. Uncertain of the direction Hooper would take, I had half a mind Hooper would discuss Lewis' faith. Indeed, most of Hooper's speech was about Lewis faith. I think the most complimentary statement Hooper made was, "He lived an ordinary life, supernaturally." Hooper also mentioned Lewis' lifestyle was always the same. Often times, people act one way at church and another way at home, but according to Hooper, Lewis lived a consistent lifestyle. The speech lasted an hour and a half and rarely straying to far from the fact that Hooper pointed out that without Christ, Lewis wrote about nothing, cause he had nothing to say, but the words he did write were from God (paraphrased Hooper). It was an excellent speech that gave the listener a better understanding of who the man C.S. Lewis was from an eye witness and friend.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Two Week Anniversary

Today marked the second week anniversary of our wedding day. We can't say enough "thanks" to all the wonderful people who participated and made everything great on March 10th. We talked about the wedding for hours upon hours and wouldn't have changed a single thing. So far, it has been the best two weeks of my life and I am looking forward to our future.

We honeymooned with Royal Caribbean Cruise lines in the Caribbean. We made three stops: Key West, FL; Grand Cayman Island; Cozumel, Mexico. It was both our first cruise, so we had only "heard" what to expect. I have to say, everything we heard was true, except for what Kim told us. Kim, Kari's roommate, went on a cruise in January and told us everything was free, "just put it on your Seapass card." For those unaware, your Seapass card is tied to your credit card, so everything is not free. We enjoyed our time on the sea and our ports of call. We would change a few things about the cruise, but mainly the time we spent in the ports should be extended. We would get off the boat, see a few sights, and than run back to the boat.

See the links below to check out some of our wedding and honeymoon pictures. We hope to add more wedding pictures soon as well. Thanks again to everyone for your participation and support in our wedding. God Bless.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Friday and than March 10th

As I sit in McCoy Hall computer lab, I consider the next few days. I am not stressed or scared, but excited. Excited to consider, that this time next week I will be on a cruise in the Gulf of Mexico with my wife Kari D. Davenport. We are setting sail on our cruise Sunday from Galveston, TX. All of the wedding plans and details our taking care of and my cousin, DL and I will be picking up our tuxedos this evening. It is wonderful to consider all that God has done and provided for me. Before the summer of 2005 began I told a few close friends, "I am giving up on blonds, I am not dating anymore blonds!" Unaware of what God had in store, I went to camp and met the woman of my dreams. She walked in Miles Auditorium ready to setup chairs, and I stood on a ladder repairing lights. Let's just say the blond hair did not hold me back, because we immediately made conversation with one another. We both are looking forward to March 10th not only for the celebration of our union, but also to share it with all of our close family and friends. We hope it brings the same joy it does us to celebration this wonderful time with each of you. I am uncertain of my next blog, but it is a minor worry. See you this weekend or not, God Bless you all.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Thursday Afternoon Blog

It is afternoon and I have 2 1/2 days of school left before my wedding day. I am in a lab on campus now and am pondering taking the rest of the day off. My last two classes are fun and interesting, but recently in my two o'clock class I have been napping or dozing. I think it is because the class is after lunch and it is the perfect time for a siesta.

Ah...the countdown is on...As my friend Beth put it on my facebook. She is going to remind me daily that my wedding is approaching. The most frequently asked question so far is, "Are you nervous?" My response is, "No, not really, more excited than nervous, but I have thought about it before I fall asleep and I think to myself, 'YOU"RE GETTING MARRIED!'" Than I fall asleep. I hope that answers some of your questions about my nerves. More than anything, I am looking forward to celebrating our union on March 10th with my family and friends. God has blessed me with a wonderful Godly woman and I am looking forward to spending 24/7 with her (minus going to work time...which would not make it 27/7, but you get the point).

At bible study on Tuesday night, the ladies went to a worship service led by Lindsey Kane. The guys hung out at Kari's APT and enjoyed some college basketball (cause the Maverick's weren't on) and poker. It came down to Josh and I, but Josh had to go, that was the end of poker night. Kari and the other ladies enjoyed their time of worship.

Wednesday, Kari and I had the oppurtunity to share the Gospel with two young men at church. Both of these young men came to salvation decisions that evening and shared the news with us and Nic. It is exciting to see the Lord moving in these young people's lives.

That's all folks...Until next time...God Bless.