Sunday, June 20, 2010

Brennan Manning Quote

"Sad but true: Some Christians want to be slaves. It is easier to let others make decisions or to rely upon the letter of the law. Raised from the dead, Jesus remains present in the community of disciples as the way to freedom."
Brennan Manning The Ragamuffin Gospel

Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Day with the Family

Wednesday was my day off and it sure was an amazing day off.

I can't remember the last time I had a nap, but yesterday I took a two hour nap. WOW! I didn't even realize I was that tired.

Later that evening, we weren't sure what to do about dinner. After much discussion, we decided to get out of the house. We headed to the Lakeway Chick-fil-A and enjoyed an interesting meal.

Landon ate like a champ. He is to the point now, we can stab a piece of food for him with a fork and he does the rest. After he was done eating he decided to gag himself. We are trying dissuade this action, but last night he was successful. As I was picking him up he lost his dinner all over my white shirt. I really could do nothing but laugh. I asked the Chick-fil-A guy for a new shirt. He stared into my eyes with confusion and than slowly made looked down at my vomit shirt. It was too funny.

I cleaned up and took Landon out to the playground. I was very impressed with the safety of the playground. Landon got into a few things on ground level and than found the slide. He started up the tunnel slide. Below is the video footage of his second attempt in the slide. He made it successfully three times and the third time he flew up the slide, I barely could keep up.

Today I went home for a few minutes, long enough to get in the door and allow Landon to walk across the living room to my arms for the first time. I can now officially say Landon is now walking. It has been an amazing eleven months watching him grow and learn. Enjoy the video. God Bless.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Off to the ER We Go

This post is an echo of a post on June 20, 2009 entitled A Trip to the Hospital. Yesterday evening, Kari fell in our living room at about 9:40pm. At about 10:15pm we decided to go to the hospital.

Landon was putting himself to sleep, meaning he was screaming his lungs out, and Kari was sitting in the living room without the lights on. Landon's scream turned to extreme scream so Kari went to check on him. On her walk from the couch to his room she stepped up onto Landon's train and was swept off her feet. She says her feet went in the air and than she hit her back and head on the tile floor.

My dad and Donna met us at Labor and Delivery in Round Rock. Kari's doctor happened to be on call. They hooked her up and found Baby Number Two's heartbeat. They continued to monitor her for a little over an hour and sent us home. They said, "you'll be sore in the morning," and she was (and still is). We made it home about 2am and quickly hit the sack.

I am thankful to say both Mommy and Baby are doing fine. Thanks for all the prayers.

Two funny Landon moments:

When we were being escorted by a nurse in scrubs to L&D, Landon kept his eyes on her the entire time. Landon has already had a few "bad nurse" experiences and he wasn't about to allow her to touch him. We got a laugh out of that.

Another funny note, when Landon's Grandpa walked into the room, Landon let a terrible scream. Tears rolled down his face and he got very upset. I say it is funny because Grandpa's voice is what is upsetting Landon, so I asked my dad to talk in a higher tone. By the end of the evening, Landon and Grandpa were on good terms.

God Bless.