Thursday, March 23, 2006

One Week of School Post-Spring Break

The school week went well. I do have to admit, I extended my Spring Break on Tuesday morning by skipping my 8am. I has been a delightful week that brings the start of a new softball season. Formerly the Kingsmen, and now just simply First Lockhart Baptist Church, we open with a double header tonight at 7pm. I am sure it will be a time for us to knock the rust off. School is going well, my writing is much improved over last semester and seems to be pulling me through two of my classes (I had a professor last semester who beat writing into everyone, I am thankful). Bundle up if you are coming out to the game cause it is chilly! Have a great evening.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Spring Break, Here and Gone

It was a great spring break. It ended with a trip to Wonder World with Kari, Kari's little sister and Stine. It is a cave beneath the Balcones fault line. It is very interesting to see how this plate has pulled apart and created an area of exploration and intrigue. My mother was in town this spring break as well. I was able to have dinner with her on Wednesday and Friday night. On the way home Friday night, a DPS officer decided he wanted to have a word with me, so our trip home was delayed. Saturday night JMob and I worked at the Six Lounge in the Warehouse District of Austin. It was an easy night, but very interesting. The opening act was an urban cowboy act based out of Los Angles, CA called King Straggler. One of the members was actor Brentley Gore. He was recently in a film entitled Zoe and a Saved By the Bell knock-off entitled California Dreams. He was a laid back guy and easy to work with. The second and last act was a one man band named Bob Log III. He shows up with two guitars, a kick drum, a kick cymbal (for lack of better names), two drum machines, and a helmet. This helmet was retrofitted with an old phone receiver that served as his microphone which he ran through an amp. The vocal was distorted and the clanging cymbal was the majority of his show. I have posted a picture above. I would never recommend Bob Log III to anyone looking for good music, but maybe for a good laugh. That concluded my Spring Break.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Kansas Aftermath and More...

We made it safely home from Kansas and than proceeded southeast to Galveston. In Galveston Kari and I meet her grandparents, mother, and sister. For those of you who do not know, I am not a seafood eater, but it turns out crab maybe good. We had dinner at the Rainforest Cafe and rode the super scary ride that is in the restaurant (really, some fake spider drop down and scare you!). The next day was an exploring day, we hit some souvenir shops and went to the strand. The Strand is the old Main Street of Galveston. These buildings withstood the hurricane of 1900 and only took small amounts of water damage on the lower floors. One old advertisement painted on the side of the buildings stated 1866. We ate a restaurant called Shrimp and Stuff, and after much search, I did not find much "stuff". With much hesitation, I ordered a Crab Poboy. It was excellent. I still claim I do not eat seafood, cause it is so darn expensive. Kari and I than made a day out of the Kemah Boardwalk. We rode many rides, a speed boat, and got a really sweet happy hour deal on dinner. These tales just about cover the first part of my Spring Break. I need to study for Sunday School now...tune in next time.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

How to get to 287 8th Road, Clyde, KS?

At first glance, it seems simple enough, street name with the block number and town name. Yet, it turns out this address is deceiving. As Kari, Bonnie and I arrived in Clyde, Kansas, we were surprised to not find 8th Road. I hopped into a local bar (cause it was the only thing open) and inquired from the locals, "Do you know where 8th Road is?" I told them I was looking for a for a wedding and they told me where the three church were in Clyde. We checked all three churches and all the parking lots were empty. We came to the conclusion that there could be a possibility that we had the incorrect address. We made a phone call to an informant and learned that the brides hometown was Clifton. After flagging down a couple in a red jeep cherokee, we were told to take KS HWY 9 east about 12 miles. We found Clifton and the only two churches in the town were deserted. It had been a while since we had stopped for a restroom break, I insisted we go to the local store. I walk into the store first and to my right are about 10 elderly folks. We had found the old folks hangout. Kari bursts into the door behind me and seems to announce to the entire store, "Does anyone know where 8th Road is?" The man behind the counter thinks a moment and says you mean Eight Mile Road. He than say, "You all are looking for the wedding." We are taken aback and heave a sigh of relief, "YES!" He explains that 8th Road means eight miles down another road. We are confused, but he continues to explain, we are to take a right at a road in between Clyde and Clifton and go eight miles. The church was on the left down an eight mile gravel road, we walked in as the preacher pronounces them husband and wife and watched them kiss. That is how we got to 287 8th Road, Clyde, KS. Have a great evening.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Free Wi-Fi is Great!

Kari and I made it to Chickasha, OK safely. We have had a great trip so far, and an added bonus...I am stealing Wi-Fi from someone at Bonnie's apartment complex. Bonnie took us to Wal-Mart to check the Gift Registry and the machine froze up. Bonnie decided to take us on a tour of Chickasha, once we left Wal-Mart, she said the tour was over. We have a five hour trip ahead of us to Clyde, KS that will take us through Oklahoma City. We were informed that Oklahoma City is simply referred to as "The City". Neither Kari, nor I have ever been to Kansas. I know that is farmland and no trees is not anything to jump up and down about, but it is a new state that we can add to the checklist of states. Happy Trails.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Change of Plans

It was brought to my attention that Kari and I have mutual friends getting married this weekend. After some consideration and mulling over my non-existent Spring Break plan, I decided it would be fun to go to the Kansas. We will start the first leg of our journey and stay in Oklahoma with Bonnie. Bonnie will navigate us through Oklahoma on to Kansas. We will attend the wedding and make our way back to Oklahoma. After resting in Oklahoma, we will be heading back to Central Texas on Sunday morning. Much thanks to Kevin.
Spring Break, but One More Class

It seems like forever that I have had anytime to sit and type personal thoughts. School is about go on break and I have a 3:45 this afternoon and I will officially begin my Spring Break. I just completed my second paper in less then 24 hours and will be turning it in shortly. I am looking forward to some time to relax and begins reading the third installment of Harry Potter. What began as a children's story, is beginning to read as a adult book. I have since found the first "bad word" in the 3rd book. I am excited to try something new this Sunday, police officer Steve has asked me to teach his adult Sunday school class. I am looking forward to some "adult" conversation and try my hand at an older crowd. Police officer Steve said it would be easy, just throw a question out there, they will do all the talking. Well that is all I have today. Have a great Spring Break for those of you in school.