Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday Thoughts

-I bought a Dublin Dr. Pepper and Houston Chronicle on Black Friday. I am pretty sure I didn't save anything.

-The Cowboys and Longhorns looked amazing!

-I didn't think I could survive 4 thanksgiving meals, but seem to be doing fine.

-If it is going to look like this all day, could it rain or snow, please.

-Bring out the Christmas lights and music, it's that time again.

Have a great weekend and God Bless.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Clinton Administration Part Three

I am so excited about the upcoming “change.” As Obama puts together his cabinet, we are seeing some old faces. I am not opposed to experience, since I don’t think President-Elect Obama has that much, but it doesn’t sound like change to me.

The Wall Street Journal describes the potential members as “Clinton administration veterans -- including, possibly, former first lady Hillary Clinton for secretary of state.” In addition to getting a Clinton back into the White House, “some high-profile appointments are also long-serving members and staff from Capitol Hill.”

How does that constitute change? I have a theory…”Change” was the most successful advertising scheme bought by Mr. Obama supporters and the media. This advertising scheme sold our country and its people a bunch of lies.

Every time I heard Obama talk about the “financial crisis,” he compared it to the Great Depression, effectively scaring the American people. His 30 minute advertisement on primetime depicted people “hurting” because of the crisis driving around in pickups and SUV’s; that is not Depression Era footage. In fact, in his 60 Minutes post election interview last Sunday night he downplayed the financial crisis saying that we aren’t facing anything close to Depression Era status. Which one is it; are we about hit Depression, or is everything not as bad as everyone says it is?

What am I getting at – The Clinton Administration Part Three, brought to you by a facade of change.


Happy Turkey Day

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

5 Things That I Find Addictive

I am not sure how I feel about being tagged, but I can’t be too opposed, because I am doing it. My wife was tagged recently to name the 10 things I love and she did an amazing job. So, The Fairy Queen tagged me to list the 5 things that I find addictive:

5. Mexican Food – I would say 8 out of 10 of my meals our Mexican food. I love the hot, spicy flavors Mexican food offers. Good salsa, chips and some enchiladas makes an amazing meal. My current favorite is a lunch special near our place: $3.99 two cheese enchiladas, rice, beans and two tortillas. I enjoy eating breakfast taco covered in great salsa. Sometimes I like to think my last name is Garcia, but sadly it is not. Mexican food is one habit I won’t be kicking.

4. DVD’s – I enjoy buying/watching movies. I learned quickly that I was not responsible enough to rent movies (pre Netflik), so I started buying movies. This comes with an added bonus because most DVD’s I buy have bonus footage that I also watch (you would not get this if you rented). I watch the film with the Director’s commentary at least once and than re-watch the film several times.

3. Insert Title Here – My blog is addicting. I do not believe people are on the edge of their seats waiting to see what I have to say, but I do enjoy sharing with those I don’t speak to daily what is going on. For example: I won’t see my parents for the holidays because we have already celebrated Thanksgiving with them and I wanted to share our latest on Baby news. Also, I enjoy writing or at least attempting to write.

2. Publications – I love buying books, newspapers and comic books. I am addicted to the smell, touch and look of something published. The new book cover, the black ink of newspaper and catchy comic book cover are almost a craving. I have a shelf full of books that 75% of them have been read, so I shouldn’t buy any books in a while, but somehow I do.

1. Making Films & Taking Pictures – I love making films and taking pictures. I enjoy writing, storyboarding, casting, filming and editing a project. I would have taken the video camera yesterday to our first appointment, but my battery was dead (I did take our camera, with a spare battery, but left it in my pocket). I don’t think I would have used it anyways cause I was pretty nervous, but I am addicted to making movies and taking pictures.

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tuesday Baby News: Press Release 11/25/2008

Austin, TX – Earlier this afternoon Kari and Jeremy had an exciting doctor’s appointment. The couple recently announced that they were having a baby. “Shocked, but very excited,” Jeremy commented days after learning that he was going to be a father. Both were very anxious about today's appointment.

Kari has been struggling with a nasty cough and cold, but recently took some advice from new mother, Nicole, and is feeling much better. “I think the Vick’s on my feet worked,” Kari exclaimed concerning the new treatment method. After mentioning the new method to Kari, she was not thrilled with the idea of sleeping with socks on, but has been very thankfully since she has been feeling better.

Today Kari woke up with a tummy ache, but that didn’t stop her from making fresh eggs and breakfast sausage. Yesterday marked the end of her in classroom student teaching in Pflugerville. “I’m done with school,” Kari proclaimed in a recent phone conversation with her husband. The last remaining step in her Road to Graduation will be graduating on December 19th.

Today’s appointment marked Week 6 of the gestation period for Baby. Kari and Jeremy were excited to learn that all seems well with the pregnancy and Baby is approximitly 0.3 centimeters long. Dr. Leeth gave Kari a good bill of health and showed the couple Baby's heartbeat. "Wow, there is a little heartbeat inside of you," Jeremy leaned over and told his wife after the examination.

Kari is a bit disappointed because she thought she was 9 weeks along and almost out of the "morning sickness period." They couple was informed that Kari should expect the worst sickness at Week 8. Kari responses to said sickness, "Oh great!" The projected due date, according to Dr. Leeth, is July 20, 2009. The couple asks to, "please continue to keep us in your prayers."

For more news and information on Baby stayed tuned to Insert Title Here.

God Bless.

*For updates via e mail; send Jeremy an e mail @

Monday, November 24, 2008

Weekend Review

I hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend.

Friday night we had dinner at Pappasito's Cantina with a group of Junior High students from Milano and my mother in law who were in Austin for a Student Council Conference. The atmosphere is wonderful, but the food has never impressed me; this visit was just another reminder of why I don't recommend Pappasitos. Kari and I went home and watched Ocean's Thirteen.

Saturday was a great day. Kari and I got up about 8am and started cooking for Thanksgiving lunch in Bastrop. I prepped my items for guacamole and helped Kari prepare mashed potatoes. We went over to Bastrop about noon and enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner with all the family. We hung out, played games, watched football and than ate again. It was great to catch up with the family.

Sunday was not too good. Kari was miserably sick. Basically Mr. Nurse was unable to cure the cough, instead we phoned a friend. Nicole said, "rub some Vicks on your feet and fall asleep with socks on." I am pretty sure it worked. I think Kari coughed 5 times last night and woke up feeling better. I don't think we are out of the dark on this cold, but we are a step closer thanks to Nicole.

I am very excited about tomorrow. Please keep us in your prayers and stay tuned for Tuesday Baby News and Clinton Administration Part Three.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Bolt the Super Dog

I enjoyed the movie trailers to this film hitting the big screen today. Bolt is a “superdog” on TV, but he doesn’t know that until he is taken out of Hollywood. It looks humorous and cleaver. I read on that “Bolt soon discovers he doesn't need superpowers to be a hero.”

I thought this was a really cool statement. It makes me consider how “unsuper” I really am and how much more I am like everyone else. None of us have superpowers; instead we rely on God’s power (the ultimate power source).

I am looking forward to how God speaks through Bolt. If you’ve seen it, let me know what you thought. I hope everyone has a great weekend. God Bless.

Coming Soon: Weekend Review, Tuesday Baby Report and Clinton Administration Part Three

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Good Old Hymn

A buddy of mine posted this and I just couldn't get it out of my head:
"Turn your eyes upon Jesus,
Look full in His wonderful face.
And the things of earth will grow strangely dim,
in the light of His glory and grace."

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mr. Nurse – Issue 1 – November 18, 2008

Kari has had a nasty cough since Monday and has not been sleeping well. I decided that I was going to go to the store and get something a pregnant lady can take to fix this cough. With a little help from Kari, I had a list of items.

Upon entering Wal-Mart, I became Mr. Nurse (imagine heroic music here). I altered my identity and wore a mask to protect my identity (and cause I love superheroes). Mr. Nurse whisked around Wal-Mart and got several items including: a humidifier, lemons and limes (I forgot the honey).

After I got home in my Mr. Nurse Super Secret Car, I was reminded that I forgot the honey, but otherwise got all the necessary items to begin the healing process of my wife. I set up the humidifier and watched Kari drink hot tea. We were in bed by 9pm and there was less coughing. She didn’t sleep perfect, but actually got a little sleep.

Hopefully Mr. Nurse has saved the day; or at least helped his wife somewhat, but we'll see…Mr. Nurse may return.

“Who you gonna call”…oh wait, that theme song has already been used…

Mr. Nurse…he’ll go to Wal-Mart and get what you need...and hopefully make you better!” That sounds good.

Post Mr. Nurse - Issue 1 - Kari and baby are doing fine; she is not very sick, but is seeing and smelling things that are making her want to vomit. Please keep us in your prayers. God Bless

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Historic Gift

My dad knows me well enough that on Saturday evening he presented me with a historic magazine cover.

I have a tendency; ok wrong phrase, I enjoy collecting major headlines from any newspaper or magazine that prints something major. As I looked through some of the headlines in my box, I saw: the Twin Towers, the Pope, Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush and Vince Young (to name a few). Many of these headlines brought back many memories of where I was and how I felt when I learned about these historic moments and figures.

I share this with you today because no matter whom I voted for, (yes, I voted for McCain, 1 of the 7 people in Travis County) this is a historic moment. At first glance of the Austin American Statesman, I was not going to buy an ugly blue announcement about Obama (if you didn’t see it, you aren’t missing anything). I ended up with the Wall Street Journal (very classy job) and this copy of People. I will put these away with my other historic papers and look back on them sometime in the near future and remember the election of 2008.

It should be an interesting 4 years and I am looking forward to seeing how Obama handles the job.

God Bless.

Monday, November 17, 2008

November Weekend Review: No Bond

First, thanks, thanks, thanks to everyone for all the well wishes, congrats and gifts; please continue to keep us in your prayers. For continued baby coverage, stay tuned to Insert Title Here.

Review time – I am going to try to summarize better (Keith!), but am sorry if this gets too long. Friday, we did not go see the new James Bond. Instead we went to my mother’s house to play Wii. Kari, Carter, Canton and I headed to Smithville to stay with mom and had a blast. We ate some great spaghetti, repaired her wireless internet and played Wii. Mario Kart was the most popular, which included a lot of laughs, whoops and hollering!

Saturday, we did not go see the new James Bond. We made breakfast and I got hooked on a Hot Wheels video game. It was sweet! I think it is every little boys dream to race his matchbox cars and that is exactly what I did on Saturday. In this game you race a matchbox car through a bedroom passing all the typically things you might find in a boys room: dominos, uno cards, books, dinosaurs, etc. You can even drive by the window and see the neighbors’ house. Enough about the video game, we went and watched Texas play with my Mama and Papa and enjoyed visiting with them. Later that afternoon we went to my dad and Donna’s house for dinner with family and to drop off Canton. We had a wonderful time visiting and sharing, oh and ate great food.

Concerning Canton: Since he was “my dog,” I had a hard time parting with him (he wasn’t my dog, but seemed to hang out with me a lot). I knew that he was going to have a blast with my dad, but I felt like I was leaving him (which I was). We said goodbye to dad, Donna and Canton and I have to admit I got teary eyed as we got ready to leave. According to my dad, Canton did a great job Saturday night and looks like the transition went smooth. Dad was very excited; I am looking forward to hearing some “Dozer Dog” stories from him.

Sunday, we did not go see the new James Bond, but we did go to church. Church went well. We our continuing our 5 Kernels of Corn series which seems to getting better every Sunday. Kari and I spent the afternoon relaxing and hanging out with Carter. Later that evening my buddy Keith invited us out to Rudy’s BarBQ; so we joined them and several other folks from Phoenix Church. To end the awesome weekend, I watched the Dallas Cowboys "Road to the Playoffs" game. Tony Romo returned to the field and the flame that began the season seemed to be rekindled last night with a victory over the Redskins.

Although we did not go see the new James Bond film, we had an amazing weekend and wouldn’t trade it for the new 007 (I’ll see it later). I hope that each of you had a great weekend with family and friends. God bless.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Major Insert Title Here Announcement

Monday morning at 6ish am I was awakened by the cry of, "You've got to come look at this!" My wife usually gets up before me, so I was snoozing. If you recall an earlier post concerning the fragility of our apartment, my first thought was, "our toilet fell through the floor, this should be great!"

The news was a little different, instead she said, "look at this," and saw the following picture. I replied, "Oh...WOW!"

We went to the doctor and confirmed it, we're having a baby. We both are very excited about having a baby. A little shocked, but very excited. More details will be hitting Insert Title Here concerning baby after November 25th.

Please keep us in your prayers and stay tuned.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Bye Bye, Canton

You might remember, “It’s a boy!” from an earlier post and I was only talking about our new puppy Canton…so I shall talk about Canton again, but this time tell him “bye.” After much thought, arm twisting and a kind father, Canton will be moving to Cedar Creek today with my dad and Donna.

Yes, we were very excited to get Canton, but he really didn’t turn out to be a toy poodle. If you have every seen Carter, than you know he is a small dog. Canton is more than double Carter’s size and crazy (it is expected because he is a puppy). My dad wants to see if he can train him to be a “Dozer Dog,” which I think is pretty cool cause he can actually jump that high.

I think we will still be able to visit him, but we haven’t worked out the details yet. So…”Bye bye, Canton.”

I hope everyone has a great weekend. God Bless.

Friday, November 14, 2008

"The Name's Bond, James Bond"

Quantum of Solace, the 22nd James Bond film, hits theaters today. I did not grow up watching Bond movies (probably for obvious reasons: sex, violence, etc), but was introduced to them in my teenage years by my buddies Stan and Warren. Since than, I have since all the recent releases in the theater and consider myself a 007 fan.

Warren and I talked about going, but our schedules won't allow for us to see it together. After talking it over with Kari and remembering we had a gift card, we might try to catch it tonight, but we'll see.

I hope that everyone has a blessed weekend. Bonus, there will be a post on Saturday, so stay tuned.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Eternal Ripples

"And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose." Romans 8:28
Have you ever created an eternal ripple? I bet you have, you just weren’t aware of it. I am not sure if this is the appropriate term, but it makes sense to me (I might have made it up, if I did, I call dibs) and it sounds cool.

An eternal ripple is a God ordained action, reaction, conversation or word said to another person or group of people causing them to act in such a way that eternally changes their lives. The ripple continues when this “changed” person carries on the God ordained actions, reactions, conversations or words to others around them; therefore creating an eternal ripple (I also think you are part of a bigger eternal ripple, but I will not go into that).

I think many times you don’t know how your lifestyle or words affect people, but sometimes you get to hear stories or witness them with your own eyes. I love watching God move and work; recently I heard how a co-workers life was changed and I thought I would share.

I started working at an insurance company at the age of 18 and quickly found myself transferred to a new division, with a new manager from Indiana. She was trained in the many ways of cooperate America and excited about her job. On several occasions, she overheard me talking about my faith to co-workers; this immediately sent up a red flag in her book. I was called in for a “closed door meeting” and asked to keep my religious talk out of the office because it was inappropriate and offensive. Respecting my manager, I respected her wishes to an extent, but I am hard to keep quiet.

I am not sure how much time past, but about two months later she called me into her office and said, “Tell me about this Jesus stuff.” In November of 2003 she made profession of faith in Jesus Christ.

I get an e mail the other day from my former manager who, lost her first husband, re-married and has since had a son. From what she tells me, he keeps her on her toes, but the most important thing about the e mail she sent me was the eternal ripple. She said, “without you, my son has an opportunity to grow up and know Jesus as a child or teenager, instead of me figuring it out when I did as an adult.” She has such a powerful testimony, I am so glad to count her as a friend and sister in Christ.

I don’t think she gives me all the credit (I know she doesn't), cause I was only God’s tool in the process, but it is neat to find out how God uses you to pass on His eternal ripple. So, what eternal ripples are you stirring up? Go out and make one!

For more on Eternal Ripples check out "The Church" in "Church," by my buddy Keith.

God Bless.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Since I began daily monitoring stats in May of 2008, I have noticed an average increase of 90.75 hits per month. I can only guess as to why I have seen this increase, but ultimately it comes down to the readers. I want to thank all the readers who check out my blog, enjoy what you read/see and come back for more. Thank you, thank you, thank you for reading Insert Title Here. I enjoy maintaining and sharing stories with you. I will continue doing so, unless I am forced to stop; physically or spiritually. Till than I will leave you with...

Coming Soon: Eternal Ripples

Have a blessed week.

Monday, November 10, 2008

High Expectations for $12.00; Let Down

According to the Los Angeles Times’ Ken Bensinger, “DreamWorks' latest animation fest, Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa, surpassed all expectations for its opening weekend, bringing in $63.5 million.”

Twelve dollars of that $63.5 million was ours, although I did not see it on Friday night, as previous stated. Kari and I caught a matinee showing of Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa at the Alamo Drafthouse yesterday.

First Reaction to the film: Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa was funny, just not as funny as Madagascar. All the loveable characters did a wonderful job and of course, the penguins did an amazing job. Don’t get me wrong, I laughed almost the entire time, but I don’t recall any memorable lines. From an adult perspective, I think there were some awkward moments that made it not as funny (Skipper the Penguin's love interest, strange). In the first film, the dialogue seemed more punchy, raw, and memorable, but this had a more “scripted” feeling, and I wasn't able to take away any one line that caught my attention.

Overall: Concerning the plot and sub-plots; the film wasn’t bad. I enjoyed the back story on Alex, how they got to Africa and the individual and collective problems all the characters dealt with were well thought out and entertaining. I enjoyed watching the friendship between Alex and Marty continue to grow and overcome conflict; I highly enjoyed this part of the film.

Basically, it wasn't a bad story, just not as cleaver, funny or catchy. I went in the film thinking it would be Madagascar all over again, but it wasn't (which is expected). I left the film unsatisfied and that is why I was let down. I would say rent it, but don't spend too much on it.

Please let me know if my disappointment is valid or if you loved it; drop me a comment.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Jurassic Park Was My First Novel

One of my first memories to becoming an avid reader was in 6th grade. Jurassic Park was about to hit movie theaters, but my mother said I needed to read the book first and than I could see the movie. I tackled the 416 paperback and loved it so much I was upset the movie did not meet my expectations. I would go on to later read Michael Crichton’s Sphere, Timeline and State of Fear.

I was sad to hear the following news:

In Los Angeles, on Tuesday, November 4, 2008, Michael Crichton passed away at the age of 66 to cancer.

This is what the family said about one of my favorite authors,
"While the world knew him as a great storyteller that challenged our preconceived notions about the world around us – and entertained us all while doing so – his wife Sherri, daughter Taylor, family and friends knew Michael Crichton as a devoted husband, loving father and generous friend who inspired each of us to strive to see the wonders of our world through new eyes."
Publishers are holding the release of a new book, but if it is anything like his previous books, I am sure it will be great.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Breaking News that Makes You Say, "What?!?"

"Ahmadinejad Offers Congratulations to Obama, First to U.S. Leader by Iranian President," reads the current headline on ABC News' webpage.

The article states, "President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has congratulated Barack Obama on his election win — the first time an Iranian leader has offered such wishes to a U.S. president-elect since the 1979 Islamic Revolution."


Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Top 5 Things I Remember…

…About the last Democratic Administration:

5 – They had intel on Osama Bin Laden, but didn’t act.
4 – Iraq Liberation Act of 1998; that worked well.
3 – The Whitewater controversy.
2 – Al Gore invented the internet.
1 – “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.” –President Bill Clinton

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I Cast My Vote!

I didn't make it to get some of the free stuff I posted earlier, but I did not have to wait to long to get into the poll, so that was cool. It was wonderful to exercise my right to vote this evening and I am glad that I got encouragement from Will and Kari. Now I will plug into the TV, channel surfing from CNN to FOX News and local news. It should be an interesting evening, historic either way.

God Bless

Free Stuff on Election Day

Free cup of coffee! "If you care enough to vote, we care enough to give you a free cup of coffee," in a recent Starbucks advertisement.

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts is giving away a star shaped doughnut.

Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream is offering a free scoop between 5pm – 8pm.

I also heard Chick-Fil-a is giving something away, but I cannot confirm it.

Green Go, Yellow Speed Up; Red, Smile for the Camera

It is not a new concept, but we are seeing the cameras pop up all around Austin and I don’t think we have seen the last of them (because they keep adding them!).

Personally, the jury is still out on the red light cameras. I am for saving lives, following the law and preventing accidents (which is a major reason why they are there), but the idea of being “watched” is annoying. Video/photo evidence is pretty solid; I mean you should be following the law anyway, right? I am leaning to pro-cameras, but the police state idea creeps in my head again and I don’t know what to think.

The City of Hutto has installed similar cameras and recently I caught the flash of one in my eyes. Not because I was running a red light, but someone else did and I was blinded. I am not kidding. Kari and I were driving Hwy 79 one evening, the flash bulb went off and we both exclaimed, “What was that!” Tell me, how is that safe? Maybe I like the idea, but think that there needs to be some work done on it to improve the technology, because being blinded by a flash can’t be good for our safety. Comments?

Oh ya, don’t forget to vote. Have a great day.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa

“Just smile and wave, boys. Smile and wave.” -Skipper the Penguin
On Friday November 7th I am planning on being in the theater for Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa. Here are the top 8 reasons I love Madagascar:

8 – Giraffe’s really act like Melman.
7 – Gloria keeps the boys in line.
6 – Alex got his roar back!
5 – My buddy Jordan is a huge fan.
4 – “I like to Move it, Move it!” Who doesn’t love that scene?!?
3 – Marty is a great friend to Alex (Zebras are beautiful animals).
2 – David Schwimmer as Melman cracks me up!
1 – The four penguins are amazing; I think possibly genius!

If you haven’t seen Madagascar, I highly recommend renting or buying it this week. It is a great cartoon adventure with some hilarious characters that will crack you up.

I will leave you with a scene that I love (the animals are on a ship in crates headed to Africa):

Skipper the Penguin: [Looking at the shipping label on their crate] Kowalski. What does it say?

Kowalski the Penguin: I can't make it out, Skipper - it's an older code.

Skipper the Penguin: Not good enough.
[Looking over at Mason the Chimpanzee]

Skipper the Penguin: You! Higher mammal. Can you read?

Mason the Chimpanzee: No, but Phil can. Phil?
[Phil the Chimpanzee begins motioning with his hands, which Mason interprets]

Mason the Chimpanzee: Ship to... Kenya Wildlife Preserve... Africa.

Skipper the Penguin: Africa! That ain't gonna fly! Rico!

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Say Hello to Captain Blue

We aren't sure if our fish is a boy or a girl, but we thought we would introduce you to Captain Blue. Captain Blue is a beta fish requiring little maintenance. Basically Captain Blue swims around the green fake plant, buries himself in the rocks or just floats. I asked the guy at the store, "Won't he get bored? He replied, "No they keep to themselves." You have to change the water once a week and the best news is we don't have to take him outside to go to the bathroom. We went over to Kari's cooperating teacher's house and she had 3 hanging on the wall, so we thought we would check it out.

We ended up at Jordan's T-Ball game in Pflugerville on Saturday morning. We got there just in time to see him hit the ball and run the bases like a champ. Although, I did not like seeing him play for the Rangers, I guess its just T-Ball. I think he might have baseball in his near future. It was a great time watching him play and seeing him become a "big boy."

That's about it for the weekend. I hope everyone had a great one. More to come this week so stay tuned. God Bless.