Monday, April 30, 2012

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Winds of Change

Over the past four months Kari and I have felt like change was coming.  So much so, that I told a friend, "if the Lord doesn't move us before the summer, its going to be after summer."  It was that evident that something was about to happen, I just didn't know when and where it would look like.

Earlier in the month I called and spoke with Bro. Stan of First Baptist Church Bremond.  We chatted about their youth minister leaving and he asked me if I knew someone who might be interested.  I replied, "I am."  He asked for my resume and the roller coaster began with that phone call.

Another excited note: little did I know FBC Bremond had been praying for someone to call them.  I normally see Bro. Stan once a year and had never spoke to him on the phone.  The Lord had laid that church on my heart and I was obedient to follow His instructions.  It was excited to hear about their prayer and realize that God had His hand in all of these things from the beginning.  I encourage you to be obedient to the Lord, you never know what He has in store for you.

Sunday, April 22, we went in view of a call to FBC Bremond and I was able to share what God has been doing in our lives and the calling He has placed on us.  We had a little fun, I opened with a fun game and proceeded to tell the body what the Lord had laid on my heart.  It was awesome.  We closed the service with a Q&A time and I was able to field several of the church bodies questions.  The body voted unanimously and we accepted the positon as Family Pastor at the church.

Kari and I are very excited about the move.  I would call it bitter sweet, because our time at Highland Lakes Camp has been amazing.  We serve alongside some amazing people and will be sad to leave them, but we are excited about the new chapter God has in store.

Please be praying about our housing situation in Bremond.  We really believe we should be in the town, but are still searching for housing.  Also be praying for the camp as it prepares for the summer.

We are so thankful for all the many prayers and support we have already received.

God Bless.