Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Headed Home: Texas

It has been a great trip! I am on my last blog from Milano. I had a great turkey sandwich from the Coats grocery Store. Then Princess Kari and I went to see an old bridge that goes over the Little Brazos River. I love rivers. This was some dirty water though. I love to think about how the Texans on horse back crossed this wonderful countryside. There is a song written by Radney Foster, Texas in 1880, it reminds the listener of some of the earlier days in Texas, "Like a cowboy from the past. Be young and wild and free, Like Texas in 1880." I consider the green plains, rolling hills, rocky hill country, and the fording of rivers. Now, going back to the bridge (and area), I see this beautiful countryside, and simple life these folks live and just enjoy our great state. Yes, they had many diseases, gun fights, and cattle rustlers, but a long hard ride to anywhere on a horseback would be near impossible today. I read over this rambling, and I think that the point is, we have so many comforts, and crutches, we are losing hard work ethics and community. A night sleeping under the stars, five more days of riding and I'll be there Lord willing, yeehaw!

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