Monday, August 22, 2005

Weekend in Review: Milano

Howdy, I am still around, but I am on an extended stay in Milano. It has been a great weekend hanging out with Princess Kari and her family. Oh...I have to begin on Friday morning, when my grand plan hit a dog, literally! I have been working for Warren the Rock-Man for the past nine days in Elgin, after talking with the crew I was not going to have to drive the Rock-Man's truck. Cruising down Highway 21 East and I see a dog in my lane. I decide the most sensible thing to do was ease over on the shoulder and go around the dog, but after all that effort he decided to get out of my lane and onto the shoulder. I don't think any details are needed, but my car is not damaged. I get to work and it is agreed on that we need more cement Tuesday morning, so instead of leaving straight for Milano I headed back to Lockhart. I took care of the cement pick-up and got on my way to Milano. Friday evening was funfilled, I got a sweet deal on an Express shirt and picked up a new book*. I have began reading it, to the extent of, Princess Kari was trying on an outfit, she came and got me, I walked away with my new Express shirt still sitting on the floor, but without hesitation, Kari knew that I was engrossed in the book and thoughtfully picked the bag up for me. Whew! What a relief! We grubbed at Casa 'Ole and than headed home. Saturday was the day of the wedding, we had a great time. Oh, Sunday was interesting...I attended First Baptist Gause. I heard a great message from Brother Jimmy and had some great food at Princess Kari's. Evening services were similar to the morning service, but Brother Jimmy talked about Elijah and his obedience to God. Good stuff. School is just around the corner. this is kari:"I love Jeremy!"

*Velvet Elvis: Repainting the Christian Faith by Rob Bell

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