Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Afternoon Happenings

No complaints today, my golf professors son was sick today and unable to make it to class. I was thankful class was not held, it allowed me a little bit more time to get my history paper done. I had a excellent glass of Earl Grey tea this morning and on a sidenote, highly recommend Mochas and Javas. It is a great atmosphere, good music and free internet. Well, I was planning to take some kids up to the Balloon Glow Fest in Waco, but Rita has since thrown a curveball at many of Texans plans this weekend. I am glad to see that many events in Central Texas are making adjustments due to the coming bad weather. I have not mentioned it yet, but my Jackalopes lost Week 2. The MuffinMen took me to the cleaners, I will be facing my roommate Warren's Warthogs this weekend. I think I can take him, but I will keep the smacktalk low, I don't want to put my foot in my mouth! Hope all is well, see you soon.

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