Wednesday, November 02, 2005

News Update

I just got off the phone with JMob's mother and learned that JMob is doing fine after doctor's "shot" a pin in his thumb. I say shot because according to Mrs. Mobley they did not have to open his thumb up to insert it. He was headed home to his comfortable bed, where I am sure he will get much rest. I am going to go hang out with him later this evening, so I shall report more later. School is going well, I have about six more weeks to go and than Christmas will be upon us.

In Addition:

It was a great weekend in Milano with Kari, although we went to a Milano football game, they were 4-0, no more...they lost to Thorndale. It was still a great weekend. I came home to a house full of sick people. Apparently our neighbors daughter got my little buddy Jordan sick. My roomies babysat Jordan, and they got sick...and this huge sick cycle is running wild in Lockhart! I am thankful to be left out of the cycle. I am jamming the new Third Day, good tunes! Well, I had better write a paper. Keep JMob in your prayers.

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