Friday, June 09, 2006

Astros Trip

I wrapped up VBS with a pie in the face today. As a competition for the boys and girls this week I agreed to take a pie in the face if the girls raised more money than the boys. Our mission offering this past week would go to buy bibles in India and we encouraged the children to support this cause by either myself getting a pie in the face or the children's minister. The boys were short all week, but one giver thought to make it interesting and made the final difference a penny, but still wanted me to get the pie. I smiled and took one for the boys. Afterward, and still tonight, the smell of the nasty ready wipe is still on me (yes, I have showered). JMob and I planned by the seat of our pants and our in Houston tonight. We saw Game Two of the Braves vs. Astros tonight in which the Astros won 7-2. The game began with C. Jones getting on base with a single and than A. Jones hit a homerun, scoring the only two runs for the Braves. In the bottom of the 1st, Biggio and Lamb hit homeruns back to back. So, we are staying in Houston tonight and meeting Clay and Megan for the Saturday afternoon game. It is a blast being at the game. Kari is sick today. She went to the doctor this afternoon and got some medication. Please keep her in your prayers. That is all for tonight. Go Astros.

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