Thursday, January 04, 2007

2007: End of the year...and beyond!

Christmas and the New Years celebration has come and gone. Kari and I traveled many miles across the great state of Texas visiting family. We began celebrating Christmas on Dec. 17th with my mom's family in La Grange, TX. Than my mother came to San Marcos on Friday, the 22nd to take our engagement pictures. We shot photos on the Texas State campus and near the San Marcos River. We exchanged gifts later that evening. On Saturday, we went and celebrated Christmas with Kari's family in College Station. On Sunday, Christmas Eve, we went to my aunts and celebrated with my dad's family. Later that afternoon, we met my father at my Granny and Grandad's house. The house remains empty after their passing in July and September. We reflected on their lives and the many memories that we made in their home. We drove to Milano that evening and read the Christmas story. We woke up Christmas morning to find many gifts delivered by Santa. Later that week, we spent time at Kaleo Lodge in Mineola, TX with most of her mother's family. On New Years eve, we traveled back to join the FLBC youth on a trip to Main Event in Austin. We stayed up till one o'clock with the youth bowling, playing video games, putt-putt golf, etc. It was a blessed holiday filled with lots of time with family and friends.

The new year, 2007, brings new labels and adventures to Kari and I. On March 10th, I will no longer be single, but married. We will be getting married in Cameron, TX. I am now a senior at Texas State and graduation is around the corner. We have several plans for the upcoming year and are excited about the future. We are looking forward to what God has planned for us. May God Bless each of you in the new year.

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