Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Post Ice Storm 2007

The TV news had cameras all over Central Texas filming the destruction of the "Ice Storm 2007." The Austin Chronicle noted the event in there last issue,
"Meanwhile, people in northern states snickered at us tough Texans freaking out over temperatures barely dipping below freezing, and useful TV weatherpersons beamed earnestly through huge amounts of face time – not to be repeated until the August heat waves arrive."
Looking back on the event, I couldn't recall even one of the weather men's name, even if offered money. I attended half a day of school on Thursday and then went to Milano for the weekend. Saturday, we spent most of the day at the Jr. High One Act Play competition in Temple, TX. Milano Jr. High presented Dearly Departed. It is a knee slappin', backwoods play that has the audience laughing from the first scene. Sunday, Kari and I attended Gause Baptist Church and spent time with close friends and her family. It was a delightful weekend. Monday began by spending lots of money on textbooks. I purchased five books and already owned one, to my benefit. Later Monday afternoon, Nic and I filmed a commercial for an upcoming Disciple Now (DNow). Our budget was small ($0.00), the crew was Nic and I, and our actors were two Junior High Students and one sophomore. Part of the theme verse comes from 1 Timothy 4:15-16, "Cultivate these things. Immerse yourself in them. The people will all see you mature right before their eyes! Keep a firm grasp on both your character and your teaching. Don't be diverted. Just keep at it." We had fun trying to visualize the word immerse in an entertaining way to catch the youths attention. I will be posting the video once it is seen by the youth, so you check back later. Have a great day, God Bless.

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