Sunday, February 25, 2007

Weekend Feb. 23-25

It was an amazing weekend. I will try to briefly re-cap some of the exciting times I had. Friday, I was looking forward to a camping trip that evening with some close friends. Little did I know, because I did not leave my house till noon, that the weather outside was nasty. In my defense, I did get up at eight Friday morning, prepared my computer for repair and added some credits to a film due Thursday. But...I took a nap from 10am till noon. I went to campus to turn in my video and ran into a little trouble with the campus police, but no ticket was involved. I was informed that I MUST HAVE a Texas State sticker to park anywhere on campus (but that is another story). Ultimately, I parked on the west side of campus and had to walk to the east side of campus and turn in my project. I ran a few more errands and than headed to the house to begin helping Will fix my computer. We began the processes of reinstalling Windows XP and than trouble shot the DVD Burner issues I had been having. In the end, we learned my CD-ROM drive was causing all the problems and will be thrown away soon. I saw Kari off to Milano that afternoon, as her and Johanna were going to Milano for bridal pictures and a wedding shower. Nic and I talked frequently and about 5pm I was going to be on my way to meet with him and the rest of the guys. Two hours later, and a pit stop and Warren and Nicole's house, I picked up Mark and met Nic at Garcia's. Yummy, Mexican food! We called off camping and decided to watch a movie and play XBox 360. On a side note, I have always bought Sony PlayStation products, but after three weekends of playing the XBox 360, I may be switching game consoles. We ended the evening watching one of my new favorites Man vs. Wild. Saturday was intended to be a sleep in day, but Tim sent me a text message about 9:15am and the day began. Nic and I ventured out about 10:30am and had breakfast at Mr. Taco. We killed time that afternoon and watched a movie with JMob that contained an R rating, but after the viewing, we believe it should be reconsidered to have more of a warning of the content. What I am trying to say is, JMob, Nic and I do not recommend Babel to any viewer of any age. It may have been nominated for many awards, but the material was unacceptable. At six that evening, I was thrown a Man Shower. The men of my church all gathered at Kreutz Market for food, fellowship and fun. Many words of wisdom were received and we received wonderful gifts from many of the members of FLBC, Kari and I are both thankful for your love, support, and generosity. Nic, JMob and I ended the evening by going to the movie theater. We were plagued by junior high students talking on their cell phones, cussing, and not adhering to any requests to be quite (even by the theater management). By 11:30pm., Nic and I watched a few highlights and went to bed. It had been a long day. Sunday school began at 9am, and the first thing we did was retrieve the Junior High girls couch from down stairs. At DNow Lockhart, we played a Scavenger Hunt entitled Bigger & Better. Each team starts with a paper clip and must go house to house, business to business or whereever, as long as it is not kin and they are aware they are playing for keeps, must get something, Bigger or Better than the paper clip. The Junior High girls won because they traded an old, ratty couch for a brand new $700 couch. They proudly sat on their new couch this morning in Sunday school. Kari and Johanna drove in for church and would have been on time if it weren't for the DPS officer who insisted on chatting with Kari about her speed. Neither Kari nor Johanna attempted to cry their way out of getting the ticket. We went to lunch with good friends and napped the day away at Nic and Johanna's house. Those are just some of the many highlights of the wonderful weekend I had. It was filled with great friends, good food and my lovely fiance. I hope you had a wonderful weekend as well. God Bless.

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