Thursday, March 29, 2007

An Evening with Dr. Hooper

Tuesday night, Kari and I usually host a bible study at our apartment (previously it was her apartment and now it is ours), but last Tuesday, Texas State was hosting Walter Hooper. Hooper, now Dr. Hooper, after being awarded an honorary doctorate from Concordia University the night before, is the world’s foremost C.S. Lewis scholar. He presented a lecture entitled “The Legacy of C. S. Lewis: Master Communicator.” Having read many of Lewis' books, fiction and apologetics, I decided it was necessary our bible study, or at least myself, attend the event. Uncertain of the direction Hooper would take, I had half a mind Hooper would discuss Lewis' faith. Indeed, most of Hooper's speech was about Lewis faith. I think the most complimentary statement Hooper made was, "He lived an ordinary life, supernaturally." Hooper also mentioned Lewis' lifestyle was always the same. Often times, people act one way at church and another way at home, but according to Hooper, Lewis lived a consistent lifestyle. The speech lasted an hour and a half and rarely straying to far from the fact that Hooper pointed out that without Christ, Lewis wrote about nothing, cause he had nothing to say, but the words he did write were from God (paraphrased Hooper). It was an excellent speech that gave the listener a better understanding of who the man C.S. Lewis was from an eye witness and friend.

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