Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Sex God by Rob Bell

Usually when a band releases its second album it is known as the sophomore album. In this case, Rob Bell has released his sophomore publication entitled Sex God. Bell continues to use his casual writing style to convey deep thoughts about sexuality, human relationships, and our relationship with God. Bell writes, "This path Jesus has chosen, which he continues day after day...He finds himself at odds with those in power...A conflict between love and controlling power." Bell explores the relationship God establishes with his "chosen people" in the old testament and then explores how God sent his son Jesus to die for you and I. The author calls the reader to approach life differently. In some cases, direct all our passions towards causes God might have us pursue and other times, encourages the married reader to submit to one another. This exploration of sexuality and relationships according to how God planned, is insightful and thought provoking. It is not written specifically to single or married individuals, so I would recommend to anyone striving to figure out how Sex and God fit together. Check it out.

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