Tuesday, October 09, 2007

DC* Band Show Review

After looking over my blog, I have been talking about the David Crowder Band(DC*B) a lot. I guess with the new album out and the second stop on the club tour being in Austin, warrants the DC*B saturation on my blog.

This is the second show I have seen at La Zona Rosa in the last month. I will also note, this is the second time I have seen the DC*B. The last time JMob and I saw the DC*B, we drove to San Antonio and they preformed at a church. That was a memorable show because that is where we became aware of one of the openers MuteMath. This time, Kari joined JMob and I to see DC*B. The atmosphere and worship setting at La Zona Rosa was alive and the Spirit filled the room for almost two hours of praises to God. It was a packed house and we were shoulder to shoulder in the club singing aloud and dancing to the tunes. Some highlights of the show: For one of the new tracks off the Remedy album, he played a Guitar Hero controller that had been modified by a band member to play the corresponding effect or chord, when the right color was played on the controller; He re-painted his keytar green; and told the crowd the entire show was only track, just like Ashley Simpson! (he was kidding!) It was an amazing show.

See what my buddy JMob has to say on his blog about the show. God Bless.

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