Tuesday, April 01, 2008

News from Crown Films

Crown Films is delivering new and exciting films to the world wide web in 2008; as seen below…The first quarter of 2008 was spent working out deals and setting up production schedules.

With an April 1, 2008 release of a new commercial shot for Kaleo Lodge; Crown Films is ready to get 2008 underway. Kaleo Lodge is a retreat ran by my sister and brother in law in NE Texas. I was blessed to have opportunity to get some great footage and will be able to put together more than one commercial; so what was released today, is the first in a few that will be released in the coming month. Also this month, a film for Kari’s school put together by her and my sister in law will be released after I polish it up a bit. It was received with great appreciation by Kari and Katie’s fellow classmates and her professor was excited to watch the film.

Crown Films is proud to announce two new associations…With this new relationships, Crown Films hopes to bring you more exciting films for 2008, hopefully keeping you on the edge of your seat.

Crown Films is currently working in conjunction with Phoenix Films on a few productions. These guys are doing spur of the moment brainstorming and quick shots to create some excellent and entertaining films. There most recent film is a political comedy and worth the time.

The company would also like to announce its new association with Well Entertainment. Well Entertainment is a newly founded film company that is an arm of a local church in South Austin called The Well. Currently in pre-production are a series of short Pulp Films. These films are due out in the middle of the second quarter.

Keep watching, and we love to hear from you, so drop us a line.

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