Friday, May 23, 2008

Number One Fan - Becky Jo

All the numbers are in and it is official, my number one fan is a young lady from Rockdale, Becky Jo. It was brought to my attention that she was a reader of my blog about a month ago. I am excited to announce that she will be receiving the first annual prize that will be awarded to my number one fan each May.

Due to the resurgence of my blog, I am excited she started reading when she did because I am posting almost weekly now.* Although weekly might not be enough for Becky Jo. After recently running into her at a wedding, she said, “I look at it almost every day.” WOW, I sometimes don’t check it daily.

Becky Jo is a cowgirl from Rockdale who takes care of people daily and enjoys riding horses. Her and her husband have a beautiful country home and raise their horses on the farm. Kari and I have been to many “parties,” out on the farm at Becky Jo’s and enjoyed each visit. She participates in rodeos, to which I have had the pleasure of attending. I am excited, blessed, and to have Becky Jo and her wonderful husband, Matthew as family. Thanks for being my number one fan.

I do promote and share my blog freely to anyone who will listen or read. I hope that you will tell your friends so that you might have an opportunity to become my number one fan in 2009.

Again, thanks Becky Jo, for being my number one fan. Everyone, have a blessed Memorial Day Weekend. (sorry Mom, you were a few clicks short of being my number one fan, maybe next year)

*Sidenote: In an attempt to spice up my blog, I am weekly changing the custom title as seen above. These custom titles are pictures I have taken around the country, oh and some out of country (Mexico that is). I hope you enjoy them.

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Anonymous said...

thanks Jermey!! I really enjoy looking at your blog, I will be expecting something NEW every week! see yall soon! love yall!