Tuesday, June 24, 2008

What I Like About Tuesday (+ more)

It’s not Monday and tomorrow is Wednesday.

I am blessed to wake up and have another day granted by God.

That’s all I got.

For the + more section:

Saturday was spent vacationing in our apartment. After a long week, Kari and I decided to take a little break at our home and relax. We spent the day snacking, playing with the dogs, watching a movie and surfing the internet. Later that evening, we took a drive out to Milano for dinner, swimming and a movie. We watched Fool’s Gold with Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson. This delightful romantic comedy/treasure hunt was definitely rentable and worth the time.

Sunday we started the morning at the Well. We enjoyed the time of cooperate worship and fellowship with the fellow Well members. Later that afternoon we went to Laguna Park, Texas for a sunset wedding on Lake Whitney. I had the opportunity to shoot unofficial wedding pictures for the bride. I used her Olympus Digital Camera and got some pretty sweet shots, hopeful I will get some to share soon. After the wedding, we took Kari’s grandmother home to College Station.

It was a great weekend of relaxation, family and friends! I hope each of you had a blessed weekend as well.

Major League Baseball Question: How wide is home plate?
a) 20 inches
b) 13 inches
c) 22 inches
d) 17 inches


Kari Hellums said...

Is it 17inches??

Nice blog babe, what a great weekend it was :) I love you

nicole said...

are you feeling better?