Monday, July 21, 2008

Toobing the Comal River

On Saturday Kari and I took three students from the Well Student Ministry to New Braunfels, TX for some fun on the Comal River. We headed out for the trip about ten and hit the river about 12pm. The water was really cold, but worth getting in because according to one thermometer it was 109 degrees. We took two trips down the river, but the first trip was my favorite. The second trip was more challenging for a few reasons. One, it was later in the day and the sun seemed to be get hotter. Two, we weren’t prepared to go down a waterfall and everyone flipped out of their tubes. Third, there were so many people on the river; you could barely see the water around you at times.

Overall, we relaxed, enjoyed conversation with the students and had some excitement. On this stretch of river there are three tube chutes. Unfortunately on one of these chutes I lost my sunglasses and one of my crocs (also lost, several bottles of water, snacks and almost one student). Thankfully, many people were fishing things from the river and a man found my croc, but the sunglasses are lost to the Comal River abyss. After getting out of the river we stopped by a snow-cone stand and enjoyed our cold treats in the shade. My green apple snow-cone was a refreshing delight. It was a wonderful fun in the sun.

Sidenote: I am sunburned on my knees, shins and near my underarm on my chest. I forgot how painful it can be to be burnt by the sun. Strangely enough, we all applied sunscreen and I was the one who got severely burned. Wonderful!

Have a great week; God bless.


Mrs. Albright said...

sounds like a fun day! (except for the sunburn and lost sunglasses!)

Kari Hellums said...

CANT WAIT TO GO AGAIN. next time we should pay attention more to the always, great blog babe. I LOVE reading it :)