Wednesday, August 27, 2008

On My Mind

Film. I am scheduling interviews for an upcoming video project. The basic plot deals with tattoos, so I am looking for people with tattoos. The filming has been great so far and the fun continues tonight as I have one scheduled and a possible second one lined up.

Beijing. After years of not watching the Olympics, I am sad to see them go. I am not sure what it was about this year that brought me back to the Olympics, but something drew me back. Most everything NBC aired was worthy of watching, especially if you saw it in HD.

Football. High school football is about to start and the district were re-aligned. I have been reading some scouting reports and looked over the top 10 pre-season picks and am excited about what the season holds. Lake Travis looks like they are ready to make a run, but we’ll see.

Astros. Someone should really remind the team the season starts in April, not July. After a hot streak in early August, the boys looked like a post season team, except they are sitting at a nasty 66-66 record. Who am I rooting for in the post season; I guess the Tampa Bay Rays (I am tired of the Red Sox winning) or the Cubs.

IPod MIA. Going on Day Three now of me realizing my ipod is MIA. I last used it at the gathering at the Well on Sunday morning. I remember unplugging it from the sound board, but don’t remember what happened after that. It’s not in my bag, so I don’t know what I did. Maybe, just maybe Jason or Randy picked it up and I will see it Sunday. Maybe I should call them…

Kari. My wife passed the “big test.” I don’t know the official name, but basically she can be a teacher now. She is student teaching this fall in Pflugerville ISD and on the road to graduation. Her commute is 13 minutes and virtually traffic free. What an amazing little lady, I am thankful the Lord blessed me with such a wonderful wife.

That’s about it. I hope you enjoyed the window into my mind…Until Next Time.

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velma said...

if you need more tattoos let me know - I have a giant fairy on my back - its on my facebook - I think one of my profile pics...