Monday, August 04, 2008

Weekend Review: The First Weekend in August (1 of 5)

This weekend was so busy! Looking back and considering the time, I only missed out on getting enough sleep and hanging out with some close friends.

Friday evening was spent cleaning the house and preparing for Saturday. I planned on going to work and Kari was headed to a major test at 8am. Hum, we did go to bed about 9pm that night, but we were both up pretty early (which usually doesn’t happen on a Saturday morning).

Saturday, Kari took her major exam for the teacher certification. She was so nervous and almost wasn’t allowed to take the test because of an ID issue, but by a gracious lady’s decision, she was cleared and allowed in. She felt very confident about the first test she took, but wasn’t so about the second. I think she did a great job and I am really proud of her. Thanks for all your prayers and support and please ask for continued prayer support as we await the results.

After I got off work, Carter, Canton and I spent some quality time together. For those of who don't know Carter, he is a short poodle. We thought Canton was going to be the same height, but currently he is taller than Carter and only six months old. I will have to post some pictures soon as he doesn’t look like a puppy anymore.

Saturday evening, Kari and I were invited to join my brothers at the Bastrop Homecoming in Bastrop, TX. Local, home grown Logan Tucker was headlining the stage that evening, so we headed to Bastrop. We stopped in to visit my grandparents, Mama and Papa, (pronounced Maw-maw and paw-paw) which was a surprise to them. It was a great little visit.

The Bastrop Homecoming was a reunion for me (my ten year reunion is coming up). I have seen many of my classmates over the years, but it’s called Homecoming for a reason. I was delighted to see and hear what many of my friends were doing today (especially the Rockne Playboys). It was also fun to introduce my wife to my friends; we had a blast. The Logan Tucker Band did a good job playing many country oldies and new tracks, but I think I heard more talking than I did band. As the night wore on, we got tired and headed home about 12:30am.

Sunday the Well kicked off a new sermon series entitled Sweet Feet. Jason is back and recharged from a months vacation and I am looking forward to an exciting fall. Check out our site, we are going to start podcasting (hopefully through itunes), but for sure posting the sermons online through an .rss feed. It is a project Randy and I have been working on and I am excited to announce we are kicking it off in August so you can check out the Sweet Feet sermons online. (Shout out to Brandon for mixing!)

After Sunday’s Well Gathering the church body voted to license me into the Gospel Ministry. In short, during the fall of 2007, I surrendered to God’s call on my life, the ministry; on Sunday the church body recognized this call and licensed me to “marry and bury” and spread the "good news." It is an exciting step in the ministry and I am excited and pleased to be serving with such a wonderful church body and staff at the Well.

That’s about all folks…Have a great week…stay tuned, more to come. God Bless.


Cassie said...

Very cool being licensed and all :)

Just know than when you get the podcasts up (or whatever form they are going to take) James and I are eagerly awaiting them (no pressure or anything ;)

Jeremy Hellums said...

It will be this week, for sure! :)

nicole said...

Congrats on being licensed!!

velma said...

congrats!!! thats pretty cool =)

Kari Hellums said...

Im so proud of you...and looking forward to everything God has planned for us. SMOOCHES

Cassie said...

Thanks for putting the first one up...I listened today and it was so very nice to hear a familiar voice :)

Keep up the good work (at least you know someone will benefit from your effort!!)