Saturday, September 20, 2008

Crown Films: Near-End 3rd Quarter Report

Crown Films is having an amazing 3rd Quarter. After several collaborations with Phoenix Films in the 2nd Quarter, including the films: The High Score, IOU and TV News; Crown Films needed a break. There wasn’t much break because July and August turned into planning months. Behind the scenes we developed ideas, plots, and gathered footage for the current four part documentary style film called Soul Ink. Two of the four have been released on Insert Title Here: Soul Ink: Represent and Passion & Pain. In the next two weeks Crown Films is bringing the last two parts of the series Soul Ink. Stay tuned.

The 4th Quarter is already taking shape and looks to be exciting. After a planning meeting earlier this month, shooting for an untitled film series starts later this month on location here in Austin, TX. It should be thought provoking and funny too. We love to hear feedback, so drop us a few comments, let us know what you think.

For previous films, check out older posts on my blog, or go to Thanks for watching.

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