Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wednesday Upload

Am I really about to devote a second post to Knight Rider? Well, at least a paragraph:

Tonight is the big night; Knight Rider makes its return to TV. Not considering the previous “made for TV movies,” etc., but the real deal is back. A buddy, Alan, will be joining me this evening in watching the premiere. I am expecting big things and hope it delivers (the car looks cool!)

It has been a great week. Kari got to go in a little late Monday morning, so we slept in some. Monday night we had a MNF party. Several people from our apartment complex and some of Kari’s girlfriends gathered at our house to watch San Diego face off against the Jets. I was sad to see Farve lose, but San Diego has a powerful offense. By the way, have you noticed the increased amount of touchdowns scored in the NFL? Regularly scheduled work times commenced starting on Tuesday.

I almost forgot, over the weekend I watched Speed Racer with my in laws. I did not read any reviews on the movie, but heard it got mixed reviews. I was still ready to buy it upon release, though. I enjoyed watching Speed Racer. It was a “pretty” movie filled with amazing color! From a storytelling stand point, I thought it was told well. It did not hand feed you the information (made you think); instead it told you what you needed to know and portrayed some of it through images instead of words. The first viewing mostly consisted of “figuring out” the film, but I am convinced the second time I won’t be thinking as much and enjoy it more. All to say, check it out, it’s a good film if you like racing.

Have a great Wednesday and a wonderful rest of the week. If there isn’t another post, be watching for the final Soul Ink film, hitting Insert Title Here on Sunday morning. God Bless.

Coming soon: One book, one winner…A book giveaway (Insert Title Here is giving something away!)

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