Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Weekend Review: The 5th weekend in August (5 of 5)

We drove to Milano for the Friday evening’s Milano High School varsity football home opener against Texas Waco Christian. Before the game we went by my mother-in-laws house and Kari found the “guard dog” deceased under the trampoline. He wasn’t much of a guard dog, more of a hole digger, but he was a good dog. After confirmation of his death, I got to dug, carry and bury Joe before decomposition set in. After cleaning up and eating dinner we headed to the football stadium for the start of the 2nd quarter. At this point it was already 14-0 Milano, so the game looked to be a typical “preseason” game. The final was 27-0 with Milano starting the season at 1-0.

Saturday was spent at work. Again, we are still playing catch up, I love working hard it makes the day fly by. After I got home from work, I came home to expanded cable and Internet. Kari and I have not purchased Internet or cable, I don’t think ever, but we finally broke down and bought it. We spent several hours on the Internet and watched the food network. It was great to have some uninterrupted Internet service. That evening we headed out to Kilpatrick household for dinner, football and a game. We enjoyed the entire evening and learned a new game called Ticket to Ride. What a sweet game.

Sunday was spent at the Well. Actually, almost the entire day turned into a “Well” day. After church, which was amazing, we headed over to the Nix residence for food and council meeting. The food was great; we had fajitas that were filling and tasty! Council meeting went well as we prepared the fall calendar and look forward to many awesome things God has in store. September 7th we start a new series called Soul Ink. I have been working on art and video for the upcoming series, so I am very excited to see how it all turns out. Later that evening, we had the Well Fantasy Football League draft. This year my team is called the Lake Creek Wildcats. After making it to the championship game and losing last season, I am hopeful this season will yield much success and many wins. For information concerning my fantasy team check out http://lakecreekwildcats.blogspot.com

Late Sunday evening, after watching Mr. Deeds till about 2:30am; Kari and I slept till 1:30pm Monday afternoon. After getting up, finally, we made plans to hit Lake Austin with a good friend. We hit the lake about 5pm and enjoyed some speed and relaxation. Much to my surprise, the lake was not too crowded and I was reminded why I love Austin so much (this place is amazing!) The high banks of the river were painted with green and many times you could see rocky cliffs. One amazing site was the 360 bridge. I have driven across it many times, but have never been underneath it. What a site! We ended the evening on the lake swimming in a calm cove. Dinner was at Hula Hut (sorry Cassie) and once again, it was amazing. After helping put the boat away and making preparations for today, Kari and I crashed at about midnight. It was an amazing end to a wonderful weekend.

Thought for the day: I made myself some Hot Chocolate this morning and on the package it says, “As Much Calcium as a Glass of Milk.” Does that packet of powered chocolate really claim to be a substitute for milk…I have my doubts, but will ponder it.

Thanks for joining me during my August Weekend Review series. I enjoyed writing it and hope you enjoyed reading it. I will probably continue the exercise because it is an opportunity to keep my mom informed of what’s going on and practice my writing. I hope you had a great weekend. God Bless.


Becky said...

Sounds like a fun weekend- hope to see yall soon!!

Cassie said...

yes, I see how you are ;)

Glad that your August was so good...hope September continues to be more of the same :)

jayiin mistaya said...

Sorry to hear about the dog - but you have some of the best weekends. I mostly end up sitting at home trying to write or doing chores!