Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bud Selig Makes a Great Decision

Not that sportswriters in America care what I think, but I am glad Selig decided to suspend the game. Joe Buck kept presenting the scenarios saying they may consider ending the World Series without nine innings played because it was an “official” game in the 6th.

As I watched the rain fall, Hamels attempt to hold Upton on 1st base; I hoped for a hit from Pena to prevent the possible ending of the World Series according to Buck. I was worried about what would happen and surely not going to bed. Eventually Hamels would give up a base hit to Pena and the Rays tied the score 2-2. This would guarantee a suspension of play. They called a rain delay and I sent Keith a text that I was going to bed, but to let me know if they started play again.

Keith wrote back about 10:30pm and said the game was officially suspended till today (pending more rain). There was no doubt once the Rays tied the score it wasn't going to be finished, but I love what MLB Commissioner Bud Selig said, “There's no way they're going to allow a championship game to be canceled in the [sixth] inning on a rainout.”

On another note, it would have been a baseball travesty if the Rays didn’t score and they declared the Phillies the World Camps. I think Phillies starter Cole Hamels put it best, "I truly believe that would have been the worst World Series win on the face of baseball. I would not pride myself on being a world champion with a called game." What a great statement, Hamels and way to go Bud Selig for not even considering calling the game.

Don’t forget about your free taco (see below post)!

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