Friday, October 17, 2008

Camping 101

I haven’t been camping in years. Maybe it hasn’t been that long, probably about 3-4 years, but this coming weekend Kari and I will embark on our inaugural camping trip. We have reservations for Kerrville-Schreiner Park located in Kerrville, TX. Formerly a state park, this 517-acre park is near the banks of the Guadalupe River. We hope to make a little trip southwest on Saturday to the Lost Maples State Park where you can see the first signs of fall (orange trees!).

Now I didn’t intent to give advice or teach you how to camp, I just thought Camping 101 fit since this was our inaugural trip and my wife has never been. We aren’t going to “rough” it too hard; we’re camping near water/electricity and will be sleeping on an air mattress.

On making reservations, I will mention that you should make your reservations in advance. I love going to the Texas Parks & Wildlife website checking out all the state parks. You can search by region and I can tell you that all the state parks in the hill country and lake areas in Central Texas are booked. I was a little surprised. I am very excited about the trip and “vacation.”

Check back on Monday for what should be an exciting camping story and some pictures...oh, and absolutely no Joe the Plumber coverage (seriously, find something else to report)!!! Have a great weekend all. God Bless.

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