Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Major Political Announcement*

After much pressure and many requests Insert Title Here has been asked to endorse a candidate in the upcoming presidential election.

Mickey Mouse is the presidential candidate for Insert Title Here. Mr. Mouse has so much experience and really doesn’t need the money for this campaign fund, but is asking anyway. What a guy! Mr. Mouse has been on the scene since 1928 and will be celebrating his 80th birthday a few days after the election on November 18th. He is older than both the “other” candidates and recently announced his running mate, Snow White. Similar to the Republican Party, Mr. Mouse thinks Miss White will win the lady votes because sometimes, “the ladies sometimes just don’t like mice,” Mr. Mouse said recently.

Mickey Mouse is a veteran, survived the Depression, enjoys classical music and was the first cartoon character to have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The guy is known worldwide.

Political experience – Mr. Mickey Mouse has been on the political scene for decades. Often time’s people write in candidates and according to Wikipedia, “Mickey Mouse is the best-known and most-recognized character in America…causing Mickey Mouse to be a minor but perennial contestant in nearly all U.S. presidential elections (since 1928, at least).” Vote for Mickey Mouse-Snow White 2008. He is the best man/mouse for the job.

Happy Voting.
*This is a spoof and not endorsed by Disney in anyway.


velma said...

too bad I can't really vote for Mickey....

Cassie said...

He has a pretty strong write in campaign ;)