Thursday, November 27, 2008

Clinton Administration Part Three

I am so excited about the upcoming “change.” As Obama puts together his cabinet, we are seeing some old faces. I am not opposed to experience, since I don’t think President-Elect Obama has that much, but it doesn’t sound like change to me.

The Wall Street Journal describes the potential members as “Clinton administration veterans -- including, possibly, former first lady Hillary Clinton for secretary of state.” In addition to getting a Clinton back into the White House, “some high-profile appointments are also long-serving members and staff from Capitol Hill.”

How does that constitute change? I have a theory…”Change” was the most successful advertising scheme bought by Mr. Obama supporters and the media. This advertising scheme sold our country and its people a bunch of lies.

Every time I heard Obama talk about the “financial crisis,” he compared it to the Great Depression, effectively scaring the American people. His 30 minute advertisement on primetime depicted people “hurting” because of the crisis driving around in pickups and SUV’s; that is not Depression Era footage. In fact, in his 60 Minutes post election interview last Sunday night he downplayed the financial crisis saying that we aren’t facing anything close to Depression Era status. Which one is it; are we about hit Depression, or is everything not as bad as everyone says it is?

What am I getting at – The Clinton Administration Part Three, brought to you by a facade of change.



velma said...

so because he is going to use experienced people to assist in his presidency he is then not about change??? I wonder if it was more about the change from the current administration...

also, he hasn't taken office yet. We still have lots of time to really see what is going to happen. He hasn't officially made Hillary apart of his cabinet so...

I think we might be jumping ahead, as sometimes we do when new things happen.

velma said...

ok now its official... but is he keeping her close to keep her from causing him problems in the long run??? IDK... should be interesting