Monday, November 10, 2008

High Expectations for $12.00; Let Down

According to the Los Angeles Times’ Ken Bensinger, “DreamWorks' latest animation fest, Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa, surpassed all expectations for its opening weekend, bringing in $63.5 million.”

Twelve dollars of that $63.5 million was ours, although I did not see it on Friday night, as previous stated. Kari and I caught a matinee showing of Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa at the Alamo Drafthouse yesterday.

First Reaction to the film: Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa was funny, just not as funny as Madagascar. All the loveable characters did a wonderful job and of course, the penguins did an amazing job. Don’t get me wrong, I laughed almost the entire time, but I don’t recall any memorable lines. From an adult perspective, I think there were some awkward moments that made it not as funny (Skipper the Penguin's love interest, strange). In the first film, the dialogue seemed more punchy, raw, and memorable, but this had a more “scripted” feeling, and I wasn't able to take away any one line that caught my attention.

Overall: Concerning the plot and sub-plots; the film wasn’t bad. I enjoyed the back story on Alex, how they got to Africa and the individual and collective problems all the characters dealt with were well thought out and entertaining. I enjoyed watching the friendship between Alex and Marty continue to grow and overcome conflict; I highly enjoyed this part of the film.

Basically, it wasn't a bad story, just not as cleaver, funny or catchy. I went in the film thinking it would be Madagascar all over again, but it wasn't (which is expected). I left the film unsatisfied and that is why I was let down. I would say rent it, but don't spend too much on it.

Please let me know if my disappointment is valid or if you loved it; drop me a comment.


Cassie said...

We saw it on Saturday and I have to agree with your analysis. My favorite line (and I remembered it when I saw it again in the commercial) is when King Julien says (on being in first class on the plane) "It's nothing personal, it's just that we're better than you."

It was the most enjoyable kids' movie I have seen all year (but I can't remember what else there was to compete with it). Overall, it was funny but not as good as the original. (and we 37.50 to see it...apparently the matinee here is only before 2 pm - our show started at 2:35 - so I felt a bit ripped off from that stand point!)

Jeremy Hellums said...

My favorite scene was when the monkey's were on strike. That was a riot!