Thursday, December 04, 2008

Burnett Masonry: Amazing Work!

I want to brag about a local masonry contractor, Burnett Masonry. I have known these guys for over 15 years and they know rocks. Not only do they know rocks, they know brick, blocks and hard work (check the website for all the materials they work with).

Often times, when you are building a house you see people dragging their feet to get the job done. Not Burnett Masonry. Once the rock or brick hits the job site, they knock out the work with speed and finesse. They are a company who believes in quality work, fair prices and have left many, many customers with smiles on their faces.

I was reminded of Burnett Masonry's amazing work when I checked out their website yesterday after recommending them to co-worker. At the web site you can take a peek at many of the amazing projects Burnett Masonry has completed.

This website was created and designed by Tim Peterson Creative.

This is not a paid advertisement, merely a recommendation by Insert Title Here.


velma said...

rocks you say???

Cassie said...

Warren rocks :)

nicole said...

I think Warren rocks! ;)
Thanks for the great props, Jeremy.
I must say that Tim did an incredible job with the website to showcase some of Burnett Masonry's best work.

Media-Man said...

Way to go Jeremy. I like the shout out for Warren's company. It is really amazing to look at the pics and remember which homes you worked with us on. Good write up!