Monday, December 22, 2008

Tis the Season to be Super Excited!

Kari and I have been having a blast this Christmas season (minus the morning sickness). God has blessed us beyond words and we are looking forward to whatever is in store for 2009. We have already celebrated Christmas with our church family, my grandparents and cousins and Kari’s father’s side of the family. We have several more stops to make, but have already had great conversations, wonderful food and entertaining games with gifts.

Yesterday at the Davenport Christmas we played a white elephant with serious gifts. I drew number one, therefore setting up a first pick and last pick of the game. I opened a cordless drill. The game ran its course and the last gift was opened. It was a playing card box with 2-K in the suit of hearts (red) and one ace of spades (black). This gift was a “game gift” by Uncle Wayne. I choose to trade my gift because Uncle Wayne always has something fun to do. He said, “I will give twenty dollars for the box or you can play the game and win five dollars for every red card you turn over, but once you flip the ace of spades the game is over.” I said, “spread the cards out,” and threw the on the coffee table.

I was asked to turn around and Wayne’s son shuffled the cards. I began flipping cards and started a great streak and was up to $20.00 (4 red cards). The “crowd” (family) started in on Who Wants to be a Millionaire and Deal or No Deal lines taunting me to keep playing or quit. I continued on till there was on one card on the table. I flipped it over and it was red, I was shocked. The game had been rigged to my favor, but I walked away with $60.00.

A few congrats to Texas State grads: Kari, Katie, Sara and Anna. We had a wonderful time at my sister-in-laws graduation party and I am very proud of these ladies.

A couple of lines to add to my Do Not Say list that I think are worth sharing:
“…but babe, I don’t want you to get depressed.”
“Come on, you only have to suffer nine months!”
We are headed to the doctor today for the Week 10 appointment. Please keep Kari in your prayers; the morning sickness is still hanging around, but should be ending soon. I hope that everyone had great weekend.

Coming Soon: Baby Info and TBD Posts.

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