Friday, January 09, 2009

College Football Rant*

Since this has been football week @ Insert Title Here, I figured I would pitch a few of my thoughts about NCAA Football and the BCS:

- The BCS doesn't work!

- The game last night was lame. I watched the majority of the game and was disappointed. Florida won, but both teams play so sloppy; busted plays, interceptions and punts (back and forth).

- I do think the time off is to blame for some of this rusty play, but a championship game should be better than last night’s game (I also thought the Fiesta bowl was lame, till the 2nd half).

- Utah is not the national champion (Rick Riley) nor should they be number two.

- Alabama was overrated all season long. They can thank Nick Saben for being number one, but when Flordia (a good team) came knocking they folded.

Oh, that is enough ranting, complaining or whatever. As I told Warren, "they didn't ask us to vote, so it doesn't really matter what we say."

Regular posts to come later today…Friday Movie Pick is coming up this evening. Have a good one.

*This will be the last of the football coverage.

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