Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday Movie Pick: Action & a Romantic Comedy

In today's Friday Movie Pick, two films have caught my eye. If you get a chance to see either one, drop me a comment and let me know what you thought.

The film Taken might be considered a look at a retired version of James Bond or Jason Bourne because Liam Neeson plays an ex-spy. Nesson’s character Bryan Mills learns that his estranged daughter is in some trouble. Mills goes on mission using his previous knowledge as a spy to recuse his daughter. This film is an action-spy flick, of which I really enjoy watching. I am looking forward to seeing Neeson as a spy.

Kari and I have been looking forward to New in Town. We have seen the preview several times and we probably will go see it soon. I enjoy watching RenĂ©e Zellweger and Harry Connick Jr. on the big screen and to have them together should be a nice mix. Zellweger plays Lucy Hill a Miami-based consultant. Very fimilar with a big town, her job leads her to a small-town in Minnesota. Hence the name, Lucy Hill is “new in town.” While in town she meets Connick’s character Ted Mitchell. After various circumstances her experience in small town Minnesota forces her to reconsider her personal and professional objectives.

I hope everyone has great weekend. God Bless.

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