Tuesday, February 17, 2009

David T. in Las Vegas

I have a buddy named David who felt called to pick up and leave Austin, TX to help start a church in Las Vegas, NV called the Verve. So, that’s what he and his family did at the first of January, they packed their earthly treasures and headed to the desert.

David is a servant of God. He is always willing to help anyone, almost any time it seems. I met David through another friend and hung out with him once about a year ago. In the conversation I mentioned I was moving. He boldly said, “when and where?” I gave him the details and he showed up. He was such a huge blessing to our family. We would go on to make several short films and have many laughs together.

I wanted to recommend David’s blog so you can follow him and his families journey in Las Vegas as they serve God and others. Oh, and don't forget to keep them in your prayers. Just the trip alone to Vegas was very entertaining, so check it out.

God Bless.

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