Monday, February 02, 2009

Yellow Super Bowl: “…a Hit!”

Super Bowl 43 field was riddled with yellow penalty flags it seemed most of the night, but I still thought the Super Bowl was a Hit!

The Pittsburg Steelers came out looking like the champions, but Larry Fitzgerald 64 Yd touchdown reception from Kurt Warner looked to foil the Steelers victory. The game winning touchdown by the Pittsburg Steelers Santonio Holmes sealed the deal for the Steelers; it was an amazing catch. I didn’t mention the 100 interception return for a touchdown, wow, it was a great game till the very end.

Kari and I went over to the Patterson’s house for barbequed steak, chicken and jalapeño cheese sausage (and other sides) for some HD Super Bowl watching. We had a blast enjoying one another’s company and laughing at the commercials.

A few of my favorite commercials: the Doritos one where the guys gets hit by a bus, the one where the guy punches the koala bear gets punched and I didn’t see it, but Kari and Sara claim laughing your butts off commercial was very funny.

How did you spend your Super Bowl?

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