Thursday, March 12, 2009

Blog Tour Book Giveaway

Next week I am going to be reviewing David Pierce’s Don’t Let Me Go.
“I’m growing up, Dad—what are you going to do about it?” David’s fifteen-year-old daughter Chera announces to her father.
"What my daughter taught me about the journey every parent must make."
Here’s the deal: I have a copy of Don’t Let Me Go to give away, but I have no contest. So here’s the lame contest: just tell me why I should mail you a free copy of this book in the comment section. That’s it…Deadline is March 19th, 2009 at noon, Central Standard Time.



nicole said...

I actually think this is a fun contest. It's semi-orginial and makes people think outside the box.

So I think you should mail the book because if you're lucky you won't have to mail it to me at all. See, you can save postage by giving me the book. :)

BTW, you need to tell your readers what the book is about so they'll want to enter your "contest".

Cassie said...

I have several reasons:

1. I have a daughter who is 4 going on 14 so I probably need this book

2. I have a passion for understanding teenagers and their parents relationships.

3. The 2 quotes just looked darn interesting.

4. I read the last book you sent me.

5. I am not reading anything new at this moment.

6. Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! (Did I mention how mature and responsible I am :)

Anonymous said...

With a great book like this one, I can better prepare my daughter for the real world. She will become RICH and be the sole provider for her future husband (could be your son) IF I were to be chosen for this book :-)