Saturday, March 07, 2009

Friday Movie Pick on Saturday: 12 &Watchmen

12, written and directed by Nikita Mikhalkov, was nominated for an Oscar in 2008. This film, originally released September 20, 2007 is loosely based on the 1957 film 12 Angry Men.

12 is set in a Russian school where twelve jurors are tasked to decide the fate of a Chechen teenager who allegedly killed his Russian stepfather. The defended lost both parents in the Chechnya War and was relocated to live with his stepfather in Moscow. The panel of jurors include: a racist taxi-driver, a doctor, a TV producer, a Holocaust survivor, a musician, a cemetery manager, and six other various members who represent the fragmented society of modern day Russia.

Some reviews say it is a little slow and too political, but I like what I have read and seen in the previews. If you get a chance to see it (it has limited showing locations), let me know your thoughts.

Also opening this weekend, the long awaited Watchmen.
This city is afraid of me. I've seen its true face.
Some people think Watchmen is one of the greatest comic book's written. I have never read it, but the concept and previews do look good. Reviews so far aren't very nice, but who really reads those anyway.

Go see a movie and have a great weekend. Don’t forget, we spring forward this weekend. God Bless.

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velma said...

saw Watchmen -- Andy had read the commic and I hadn't - But we both enjoyed it! Lots of violence, use of the F-bomb and sex - so be warned

But it was AWESOME =)