Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Saint Patrick's Day Mark Driscoll Style

I thought about trying to write a little about Saint Patrick, but than I read Mark Driscoll's blog and thought I would just refer you to his post. Entitled Vintage Saints: Saint Patrick, Driscoll gives a brief history on Saint Patrick that is very insightful. Check it out; here's a quote:
"Patrick gave his life to the people who had enslaved him until he died at 77 years of age. He had seen untold thousands of people convert as between 30-40 of the 150 tribes had become substantially Christian. He had trained 1000 pastors, planted 700 churches, and was the first noted person in history to take a strong public stand against slavery." -Driscoll concerning Patrick
By the way, I am not wearing green! Happy reading.

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