Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Back to Work

After a refreshing five days off, a birthday celebration and Landon's two month milestone, I am back to work. Saturday, September 12th is the dedication ceremony of Miles Auditorium at Highland Lakes Camp. Our featured guest and comedian will be Dennis Swanberg. It should be a pretty neat dedication ceremony (Kari and I met in the old Miles Auditorium). I believe God is going use this new auditorium to touch thousands of lives; young and old and I look forward to God using me at Highland Lakes Camp.

Landon continues to grow. I am not sure exactly when this growing is happening, maybe it happens while I am at work or while he sleeps, but I cannot be for certain. It seems like I get to see him so much and I would be able to see the "growing" happen right before my eyes, but I guess it doesn't work that way; he just keeps getting bigger! He is now smiling and laughing at just about anyone. I was lucky enough to capture one of these moments on film Monday morning (on my new video camera, thanks Mom); it is such a precious moment. At some point I hope to share a few of these videos with you (like Landon Makes Faces).

My birthday celebration was amazing. The Lord has blessed me with such an amazing wife. She went all out to make it one of the best birthday celebrations. She made arrangements to have my mom there, a few gifts and wonderful food. We ate homemade chicken and dumplings, chocolate cheese cake with cherries on top (yummy!) and rice crispy treats. She knows how to take care of her husband and treat him like a king. I love you, Kari.

That's about all the time I have. Back to the family. God Bless...until next time.

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pastorfbclptx said...

she probably stuck her finger in your food - she has an old habit of doing that