Sunday, September 20, 2009

Insert Title Here...Time for a Title Change?

When I started my blog, Insert Title Here, on Sunday, August 14, 2005, I wasn't sure what my blog was going to be about, but it has become a writing exercise, an outlet for some of my theological thoughts, sharing family news and some political rants. I am uncertain if Insert Title Here still fits my blog, so I need your help.

I am going to start a poll, but also want your comments. Should the title of my blog remain Insert Title Here, or should I explore a new title? I am not even sure if I could come up with a new title, but I think I will open the discussion.

Positive: Insert Title Here works because I have a different title for each blog, so you could insert that "new" title each time.

Negative: When people ask me about my blog, Insert Title Here and they ask me how to get to it, I have to respond, "" instead of because someone already has it, but never post.

Drop me a comment and maybe a vote on my poll. Thanks for reading, if it is Insert Title Here, or if it isn't!

God Bless.


pastorfbclptx said...

Hey man if you change the title be let me know. I have just found this wealth of knowledge thanks to facebook.
I promise to log in regularly and read your wisdom and weigh in with opinions on said wisdom.
Glad to know you are thinking and random thoughts are the best.
Maybe that is a good one "random thoughts"

jayiin mistaya said...

Keep the title - I like it! It really does work for what you do with this place.

velma said...

I say keep it -- its not like titles of blogs always coorespond with the web address!!!

And the nerve of someone not using their blog!!!!!