Thursday, October 15, 2009

Memories to Share

Recent family moments that will be hard to forget:

Feeding Landon at 4am. He closes his eyes to fall asleep, but giggles and than smiles. It was such a precious moment.

The first time he giggled. We went over to my Mama's house (pronounced Maw maw) and my mother (Landon's Big Momma) was showing him a new toy. He threw himself back in my mom's arms and started giggling, to the point he choked himself up.

Running to H.E.B. with just my wife. My Mama insisted she take care of him. Kari and I strolled around H.E.B. getting a few items, but rushed back to see our son. It is one of the first and few times we have left him alone.

Sleeping away from Mom & Dad. Landon currently shares a room with us. We went to visit Grammy, Kari's mom, and we put him down in his baby bed in a completely different room. He slept almost 9 hours each night over the weekend. Kari thinks my snoring is keeping him up, but we can't prove it yet (I don't think I snore).

There are so many more, but these are just a few that I thought I would share. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. God Bless.

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